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WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

HCM screening

I am pleased to announce all my breeding cats who will be having kittens this year have been screened for HCM via ultrasound and found to have healthy hearts.

HCM is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is a hereditary disease of the heart muscle which can cause heart failure in many breeds of cats. Whilst not as common in siberians as some other breeds it is present and can strike at any time. Cats with the condition often do not have a murmur or any outward signs but can suddenly die or develop a fatal blood clot somewhere in the body. The only way to detect it is by an ultrasound exam of the heart looking for thickening of the heart ventricles. Like many European breeders i decided it was responsible to screen all cats who will be bred from. However in the UK it is very expensive to do and so anyone doing such screening will charge more than those not doing it.

As one scan only gives a snap shot of what is going on at that time it does not mean because a cat has one clear scan they are free from disease for the rest of their life. Scanning should be done once a year before breeding for the rest of their breeding life.

I am not aware of any issues in my lines but it is impossible to know what is going on in each cat. The disease is complicated and does not always affect every individual from an affected cat so it is impossible to say a breeder knows their lines well enough to know it does not exist.

Anyone getting a kitten from Druzhina will get a 5 yr health guarantee against hereditary illness. Should your kitty pass from such an illness a replacement will be given once disease is proven.
All my cats are screened negative for fiv felv  pkd1 and pkdef via genetic tests. However these diseases are much rarer than HCM.

It is wise to ask about health testing and health guarantees before purchasing a kitten. Health testing results will be visible on my website once this is updated. For now any test results are available upon request.

Next litters are planned for May time so please contact me if wanting to join the waiting list which is open for 2019.

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