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WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Breeding Mortality Statisics

As a breeder of nearly 10 yrs having had my first litter in 2009 i often like to reflect on my breeding practices and try and improve everything i do. Any breeder will tell you that it is both a great joy and a heartbreaking hobby at times. Its not often talked about publicly when breeders loose kittens and i have been told in past by some breeders to not disclose publicly such losses as it reflects badly on you with future owners.

I think many will know that kitten losses are part and parcel of breeding and just like in humans kittens can be still born or be born with defects not compatible with life. Kittens can also die of illness in early life ie first 12 months.

I used to get very upset when things like this happened and question whether i was a good breeder. What was i doing wrong? Years later and after much research into kitten mortality i realised that these things are normal. When life is being created mistakes in genetic coding happen and this causes defects. Mums can have long difficult labours and have kittens born that look perfectly normal but are not breathing. But there has to be some context applied to such issues otherwise how do we know if they are excessive?

I decided rather than dwell on the kittens i have lost i would try and look at the bigger picture. What about all those kittens alive and well who go on to new homes and live happy healthy lives? How do you know as a breeder if you are producing alot of healthy kittens or sick ones for that matter?

Well you have to keep a log of all litters and calculate overall mortality rates pre and post weaning and compare to statistics out there for what is considered normal in pedigree cats. Only then can you assess whether your breeding practices are bad and need change.

Every year i have lost some kittens apart from 2014 when i lost no kittens and had no birth defects. I looked back at the parents and wondered why no losses this year? Nearly all cats from the 4 litters that year had had kittens before and had kittens with the odd issue. Well i guess it is just down to luck in most cases and how the coding for each kittens genetic makeup and development occurs.

So i would like to disclose publicly my mortality rates from 2009-2017. I should firstly however give you recent information on pre and post mortality rates considered normal. These are the parameters i work off to assess whether i need to change things to be better. We all have to put context to things like this because i will say now there is not one breeder out there who has 0% mortality. Its impossible.

Guidlines for breeding mortality rates....

Overall mortality in pedigree cat breeding 10-30%

Mortality for pre weaning losses ( before 8 weeks generally) below 20%

Mortality for post weaning ( upto 1st year of life generally, from weaning) below 10%

So my overall mortality rate so far not inc this year which so far has been 0% for birth defects is.....


My pre weaning losses which are generally birth defects still borns or fading kittens which may have an underlying internal defect


My post weaning mortality rates which are generally issues not relating to the above


So i can now clearly see that my rates are nothing abnormal and considered low average for a pedigree cat breeder. I would ofcourse love this to be  zero but i have been doing this long enough to know that it will never happen. I will however strive to keep those losses down but i accept that these things are often out of my control.  It is still always upsetting to loose kittens but i accept it is part and parcel of breeding live animals. I am not god and cannot control everything in my breeding program but i strive to control what i can to produce as many healthy kittens as possible.  It is alot of hard work sometimes and takes up alot of time and effort not to mention the research needed to be knowledgeable of best practice. So when i ask questions about you before i choose to adopt a kitten out to you please understand i expect and want the same level of care in their new homes that i have given in thier first few months of life. I also appreciate being told if something goes wrong later in life so i can log it and ensure there is not a problem with certain cats as if there were these cats would have to be taken out of my breeding program.

It is alittle difficult to give an accurate idea of mortality in cats over 12 months as i am not always told if there are problems but  from what i know it is a small number.

Thankyou to all the wonderful owners who have taken such good care of our kittens. Also thankyou to those potential owners who will adopt future kittens

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Our traditional silver girls

These are our 3 traditional pedigree silver girls, two are imports and one is homebred.  None of these girls have any neva masquerade in their entire documented ancestry making them not only traditional in colour but traditional in heritage.  Over the next couple of years we aim to have all cats with either no neva in their heritage or nothing after foundation.  Our aim is to keep valuable traditional pedigrees in breeding for the future.

Here are a few snap shots of narcyza daughter kalena and cleo.  Narcyza will have her kittens to our neva free boy Nico beginning of May and the other two girls will have their kittens end of summer all being well

Litter P1 - 4 wks old

I took these pictures last week of our 7 litter.  They are coming along great, alittle smaller than the other kittens but that is to be expected given its such a big litter.  Eroshka has been a great first time mum and is very attentive.  There are 6 boys and 1 girl.  The girl may stay here if she develops well.  They are friendly and interactive.  It took them a little longer to start eating on their own but all are there now and using a litter tray fine.  We hope to offer these babies to the wait list in the next couple of weeks.  All are brown tabby in varying shades of cool brown to warm golden brown.  The female and 1 boy appear to be classic and a couple spotted the rest are mackerel in pattern.
Here are a few snap shots of the babies

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Litter O1 and Q1 3-4 wks old

The babies in these litters are  now around 4 weeks old.  Our singleton kitten from litter q1 has now been put in with litter O1.  Mummy zen came into call when he was 2 weeks old and was not being as motherly as hoped.  Being an only kitten we knew we would have to integrate him with other kittens for him to develop properly but due to this issue had to do it a little early.  Vodka being the great mum she is accepted him with no issues and the transformation in him has been wonderful. He has gone from a sad lonely kitten to one who seems happy and has playmates. Vodka is doing a great job as usual she is a wonderful mum and so attentive.  These two litters are related on both sides  as arlo is also vodkas half brother and zens is half sister to vodkas babies on dads side.

All these kittens are super friendly.  They cry for attention  when they can hear you  approaching and want to sit on your knee and be stroked.  All are eating well and using a litter tray apart from little silver boy who is a few days younger.  He likes to be hand fed but as yet wont eat off a plate. Torbie girl is the piggy in the bunch eating lots. They will remain in the kitten nursery until the end of the month where I am slowly getting them accustomed to household noises via cd before meeting the real thing.  They will then move into the living area with us to prepare them for homelife.  All kittens have already been accustomed to handling and claw clipping and have to say were fairly wriggle free.  Very pleased with these babies development.  I hope to do better pictures around easter time when i will contact the list to offer them to new homes.  For now here are some snap shots of these beautiful little babies.
(Litter P1 pictures to follow)

Sunday, 4 March 2018

New matings - change of plans

We have had a slight change in the order of our matings. Sophie and narcyza have both been calling alot and nico getting alittle wrestless due to his eagerness to find a girlfriend. Sharmel who was next has not come into call so she will probably be mated in the summer.  We have decided to do the following matings which took place earlier this week.

Sophie and Arlos babies will all be available as pets to the waitlist.

Nico and narcyzas babies will be under observation initially for traditional breeders only. Some will later be available as pets to the waitlist

If all has gone to plan and both are pregnant we expect babies beginning of may. For those waiting on silver kittens we expect a fair few from these pairings. I should know in 3 wks if both are pregnant. This was nicos first breeding at 11 months old and we saw a couple of successful matings but as it is his first a pregnancy is never guaranteed. Sophie and arlo is a repeat mating of litter L last year which produced 3 stunning babies so we hope for an equally lovely litter.

Please note all my kittens are for the wait list only. Please do not email or phone asking if kittens are available. If you want to join the list there are only a few places left and you will be looking near the end of the year before taking a kitten home.
Any available kittens will be posted as available offlist should all of my list not want to adopt them