Wonderful pedigree Siberian kittens sometimes available to loving INDOOR ONLY homes.
To go on my waiting list you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place. (this comes off the overall cost of a kitten). On choosing your kitten a further £100 is required to reserve them and the balance payable on collection.
Sorry I no longer accept waiting list enquiries without a deposit.
Please contact me via my website !

Allergy testing available on request for a small fee

WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Our new canadian princess

Our new girl arrived recently. Her name is oliviasiberian cleopatre. She is a beautiful silver tabby with gold tarnish. She is super friendly and loves people. We hope to have kittens from her next summer. Our red male kitten from narcyza went to this breeder in an exchange and kennedy will be siring kittens in Canada next year carrying on daddy Radputins lines. He also has a super friendly character and after his long trip seems to be settling well.

Our 2018 breeding plans will be posted near the end of this year. We have lots of exciting plans and hopefully more beautiful silvers. Stay tuned for updates.

Note to those who have reserved our current litters. I will contact you in the next week with information on adoption and dates to visit your babies. Its been manic busy here and all my spare time has been taken up looking after kittens. I will have 2 weeks off from tommorrow so more time to sort everything out. Thank you for your patience.

We have no kittens offlist now and our last litter due in the next week is full. You can join the list for next year to get priority on choosing your perfect kitten. Next litters are not planned until spring 2018

Our new princess cleo 2 (we already have another cleo so i need to think of a different name for her)

Getting your kitty home via courier

Here at Druzhina we often rehome kittens far afield in the UK. Whilst we are located halfway between London and Scotland in Merseyside it can put some off getting a kitten from us because they do not want the long journey on collection.
I always try and encourage owners to collect in person or visit atleast once for peace of mind.
However it is not always possible and sometimes it involves an overnight stay which can make it expensive.

I am pleased to say that if you are stuggling to make a long distance trip to collect your kitten and that is putting you off having one of our babies we have a solution.

I can arrange a pet courier collection with a trusted pet courier who i have used before. Trips will be with an experienced handler in a spaceous cages with food water and litter tray making the trip much more comfortable for the kitten.
They will carry only your kitten straight to your door only stopping every couple of hours for breaks and to check kitten. So there is no worry of other pets being taken at the same time and passing on disease or causing stress.

There are charges for the service but if you are really struggling to get here this could be a better option for you. All rehoming advice will be discussed with you before the trip and you will get written infornation in your kitten pack.

Our last litter of the year is due in less than one week. Our waiting list is now open  for next years matings. So to get the oppertunity of owning one of our beautiful babies please contact me with the relevant information about yourself. Questions can be found at the bottom of adopting a kitten page.

Rasputin our main male has now been neutered making his son Arlo the main boy to carry on his lines. We also have zhenda and our new silver boy so providing he matures well we should have more sought after silvers next year.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Available kitten offlist

I have a black silver female kitten available off list. This is the first time this year a kitten is available without having to be on the wait list. All current people left on the list are either waiting until next year or not suitable.

Nancy is a playful kitten. She does not mind being picked up or attention but is not demanding of it. She has a calm nature and would be suited to a quiet home with no children or dogs. I think being a lone pet will create a better bond with people. As she is not demanding of attention i do not think she will mind being left alone for parts of the day. She must be an indoor cat.

If you have a quiet caring home and would like to adopt this girl please contact me. She will be vaccinated chipped and neutered before rehoming and should be ready to leave end of november

More pictures can be found on previous post for litter n

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Litter N- 7 weeks

Here are the pictures of cleo and zhendas litter N babies. The pictures were taken 1 week ago so they have grown a little since then.  Its been mad busy here with us getting kennedy ready to travel abroad and organising the collection of our new girl Cleopatra from Canada hence why they are only just going on now.  I also wanted to get homes for the other two litters first.  All previous kittens now have homes. One kitten will be going with her grandfather Rasputin who is sadly retiring at the age of 6 to enjoy a pampered pet life.  He has been our first import and made a huge contribution over the years siring many beautiful kittens.  His line lives on in his son and daughter and abroad in another cattery.

This litter are confident and cute babies, all very similar in temperament just a couple who are a little more forward in approaching new things. They are all dark silver black mackerel tabbies, some have tarnish on their faces. All have great type. I think if going in pairs Nellie and nathaniel are similar being slightly more confident. They would do well in a slightly busier home although if going as a pair that is not essential.   The other 3 kittens are very similar and either of them would be fine in a pair with this group. Nancy can take alittle longer to get used to things so would be better in a quieter home.  None of the kittens are shy and as I always say temperament will change once they leave their siblings and go to a new home. Extrovert kittens require alot of attention to prevent behaviour issues so fo better in homes with people around most the day.

Only the waiting list will be offered these kittens.  We have 2 more litter due in a couple of weeks but are not expecting more than 6 kittens in total so depending on the list may not have any space left until next year.

Here are the girls:

Druzhina Nancy- meaning grace.   Black silver mackerel tabby.
Biggest girl who is playful but less inclined to be demanding of attention. She often does not get a look in with toys as some of the others are quite dominant. She will no doubt blossom with people more if going alone to an average home not too noisey. She would be better suited in a home where people are out some of the day as she dies not need constant attention.

Druzhina Nellie- meaning bright one. Black silver mackerel tabby.
She is the smallest in the group and for the first few weeks struggled to gain weight however once able to eat on her own she has grown alot and is not too much smaller than the others.  She was pushed out when nursing so did not get her fair share.  I can say she definitely eats the most and loves food. she is also very friendly and confident and would do well in a busier home with alot of attention or with her brother  nathaniel.

Here are the boys:

Druzhina Noah- meaning rest, black silver mackerel tabby. A big lump of a kitten who reminds me of dad. Friendly and easy going, would be a good match with his brother Nile.

Druzhina Nile- meaning champion. black silver mackerel tabby.
Lovely fluffy kitten who looks like mum. Easy going and friendly similar to his brother above.

Druzhina Nathaniel- meaning god has given. black silver mackerel tabby
Lovely boy, smallest out the group of boys. Looks alittle like mummy. Very much like his sister  nellie and would be a nice match with her

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Litter M1- 7 weeks old

Here are eagerly anticipated pictures of this all girl litter. They are doing brilliantly and have just moved out the nursery into the big kitten room where they are having great fun.  All have lovely temperaments some more cheeky than others.  These are Arlos beautiful babies and i must say with crystal i have some of the lightest brightest silvers with no tarnish.  Even though genetically torbie you can hardly tell from their colour.
Available to the wait list.. Ive been working hard to get pictures of 3 litters this weekend and over 600 pics taken i have to sort through and edit with my prefix before deciding which to post.  It takes a great deal of time so this will be the last litter upload tonight.  The third litter will be uploaded at some point next week when i have more time.

Here they are:

Druzhina Matilda-(mighty in battle) black silver mackerel torbie.
Her name was chosen because she is the most confident and determined when it comes to playing always taking over.  She is friendly and confident and would suit most homes were she will not be left alone for long and where she will get plenty of attention. Darker silver girl

Druzhina Minnie (meaning desire) black silver shaded torbie
Well her name was chosen because i have long desired a shaded kitten. I love the light clear silvers and they do not come lighter than this pretty girl. She has a torbie spot on her head which looks almost white. She is a very rare colour and the only one i have had in years. She is also friendly but a little quieter than some of the others preferring to not get into a rough and tumble over toys. She loves her food and would be suited to the average home where she will get attention but not one that is too noisey

Druzhina Mylee (meaning vine) Black brown mackerel torbie
Also a sweet calm natured girl who is friendly and would be suited to most homes. she also is quite confident and loves to play. A chunky girl.

Druzhina Meredith ( meaning greatness) black silver mackerel torbie. medium silver

A calm friendly girl who likes to play but will also take time out if the play gets a little rough. She is not overly demanding so would do fine if owners are out part of the day. Similar to minnie in temperament. very pretty silver 

Litter L1 - 7 weeks

Here are the first pictures of litter L. 3 unexpected babies from sophie and arlo. Arlo snook this mating in and given the small number we did not know sophie was pregnant so it was a surprise to say the least.  However they are a beautiful bunch. We have 2 black/brown torbie girls and one black silver tabby boy.  All kittens appear to be friendly and enjoy interaction.  All are litter trained and eating well.  They are enjoying the extra space and toys in the kitten room as well as time downstairs. All three are available to the wait list

Boy- Druzhina Leonardo (meaning lion/brave)
Black silver mackerel tabby

He is the cheekiest and fearless one, loves attention and is so pretty.  He has lovely type and a lovely clear coat.  He would be a nice show cat or a loving family pet.  He would be better in a home with plenty of people around and where he will not be left alone for long periods on his own. if going with a sister then Larissa would be better suited
Here is the little beauty

Girls- Druzhina Larissa (meaning lovely)
Black brown mackerel torbie

Also a friendly girl who loves to purr she reminds me of grandad Rasputin in the face.  She likes her food and attention and gets on best with her brother.  She would also be better in a home with company.  Here are her pictures

Druzhina Lana- (meaning little rock)
Black brown mackerel torbie

This girl is also friendly but enjoys company on her terms.  She is less likely to sit on your knee than the others. She is very much like her mum in temperament.  She would not mind being on  her own for short periods in a quieter home with owners who allow her to seek attention when she wants it. Here are her pictures

Litter M1 will be uploaded very soon