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WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Advice on buying a pedigree siberian

Well its back to the topic of choosing a breeder and kitten which i always seem to do a post about atleast once each year.  There has been a huge rise in demand for siberians compared with when i started breeding 9 yrs ago. With that demand has saw prices rise along with alot jumping on the bandwagon to breed cats they can sell easily. Given the fact more people are importing cats from abroad to be part of their breeding and the rise in the cost of breeding properly i.e. vet bills, registration, quality food and litter etc it is understandable prices will go up. However how much is too much and are breeders some of which with poor standards exploiting the siberians popularity? My answer would be yes some are. So how can you tell who these people are and avoid them?

Many people are wanting a siberian and make the mistake of not planning ahead or researching where their kitten is coming from. They can easily go onto free advertising sites like pets4homes to buy one. Prices vary hugely from £600-£1200. But why the huge disparity you might think. Does paying more always get you a better bred kitten?  In theory you would think yes as costs increase the more a breeder does but i also see poor breeders charging top price. So how can you tell who is good?

Well it can be a minefield when starting out. The trick is to do plenty of research into the breed and choosing a good breeder. There is lots of information on my website. Here are some things to consider:

1/ breeder should be registered and ideally have a website that is clear, informative and transparent so you know what to expect from them
2/ they should be knowledgeable of the breed and also cat breeding in general.
3/ You will need to research what questions to ask them but examples would be how long you have been breeding. Are you registered. If registered they should follow a breeder code of ethics. How many cats and litters you have each year. Only 1 litter from each female  per year is acceptible. Are the parents health checked. Where are the kittens raised and are they with mum the whole time. They should be raised in a home environment not outside in a cattery. Are the kittens kept away from other cats. What are they fed. What do the kittens come with i.e. vaccines registration. Microchipping neutering etc
4/ Ask what age the kittens leave and what they get done before going. They should never leave before 13 weeks
5/ do they come with a contract and any health guarantees?
6/ is the breeder able to give lifelong advice for your kitten
7/ can you visit the kitten once over 8 wks. There should be no excuses as to why you cannot do this.
9/ ask to see mum. She should be with her kittens all the time until they leave
10/ ask what sort of socialisation the kittens get

Look at the mumber of kittens they have available if its more than 1 litter be wary. Mass production of kittens  is never a good thing. Some will have a few litters at a time and this does not always mean a bad breeder but if they always have loads of kittens for sale you have to wonder why?

When you do get to visit your kitten they should be lively. Have good weight and no bones protruding. No sign of diarrhoea around back end. No discharge from eyes or nose. No prolonged sneezing or coughing. The home should look and smell clean and the kittens should not be mixing with other cats in the household.

So the golden rule here is always ask lots of questions. If the breeder is not very helpful or reluctant to have you visit. Walk away. Be prepared to wait for the right kitten from a good breeder.

If you are paying the high end of the price range which personally should not be more than £1000 you should get all of the following:
Fully vaccinated kitten
Registered ( without this you cannot prove your cat is a genuine siberian. A home made pedigree does not cut it by itself. These can be made up from online pedigrees very easily)
Wormed and flea treated when necessary
fed super premium food ( not supermarket rubbish)
vet checked before leaving
contract with health guarantees
clean environment with good socialisation and
lifeling breeder advice. This is only helpful if the breeder is knowledgeable in the first place. If you are not getting all of this for the top price this is a sign the breeder is more motivated by money and scamming desperate people who know no better.

Note there are breeders claiming to be in the UK selling kittens when they actually live in Europe. Never get a pet from abroad. The stress is far too much. Only a breeding cat should be imported.
There is also one breeder who has been suspended by GCCF still breeding siberians under tica and advertising online. Some adverts are from unregistered breeders who have bred from pets and allow their cats to breed multiple times each year. This is a disgrace and should not be happening. Kittens are shipped off at 8 wks with nothing and one person doing this charges £600 for their unregistered kittens.
Then there are the scam adverts for kittens that do not exist. I have had pictures stolen in the past and used for fake adverts. Sone even go as far as to set up fake websites.


My personal advice would be avoid free advertising sites as you cannot be sure what you are getting. Research via breeders websites and speak to them. Most good breeders have waiting lists. This ensures they only breed when homes are waiting. We can screen people properly to ensure good homes. This approach can mean months of waiting but atleast you will have done everything possible to ensure you are getting a kitten from a reputable source.  Rushing it can end up costing you in the long run.

NEVER buy a kitten because you feel sorry for them. It puts money in the bad breeders pockets and can end up in heartache for you.  You might think does it really matter if the kitten did not come from the best source? Yes ofcourse it does. You want a happy healthy well socialised kitten. The first months with the breeder determine what type of cat you will have for the next 16+yrs. A bad start is never good and hard to fix later on i.e behavioural issues
 A good breeder will also be there for advice whenever you need it not to mention any health guarantees you will get. None of this is available through a breeder motivated by money.

As a veterinary nurse it breaks my heart and makes me very angry to know there are people exploiting pet owners for money. I often get contacted by people asking advice because they get a bad feeling about another breeder and want my opinion. These people are nearly always right in their suspicions. Or sometimes concerned after buying a kitten from a bad source of which they can now do nothing about. I would love it for this information to reach every single person considering buying a kitten but i know it wont. If it reaches some then its worth it.

 I took kittens to my vets for vaccines yesterday and the vet made some interesting comments that really hit home regarding quality. First comment he made was it makes such a difference to see kittens for first vaccine that have been socialised properly. By this he meant calm and used to handling and examination. Not freaking out or biting and scratching.  My babies sat still and were very good being examined. Not one objected to it or the vaccine. This was their first trip outside away from mum so they were scared but they stayed calm and trusted the person handling them. The other thing he said was on examining their ears how clean they looked as nearly every kitten he sees has dirty ears. He asked me do i clean them? My answer was no. I have no need to their ears are never dirty so i guess this can only be put down to a clean disease free environment. Every day is spent cleaning the home they live in to keep them as healthy as possible. As a closed cattery i will not  allow other cats in which helps keep diseases away. All new cats are isolated before meeting others to help prevent spread of infections.

 My motivation as a breeder is to rear healthy happy well socislised kittens because i believe everyone should have the right to buy such a kitten. It is what i would expect from a breeder and you should expect the same. I pride myself on this and although it is a fulltime job i would not cut corners to make life easier. It shows in the kittens and does no one any good let alone the kittens later in life.

One last important point. If a breeder asks you minimal to no questions walk away. A breeder that does not care about who is buying their kittens is one that is motivated by money only. This will result in cost cutting and poor breeding practice. Do not be offended if you get asked lots of questions it is actually a really good sign that the breeder cares. I will turn people away if im not happy with them. Sometimes its a gut feeling i have from years of experience. As a buyer you should follow your gut feelings too. I want the best homes possible for my babies and this is why i ask questions.


Lots to think about here. I hope it has given you some insight into the world of pedigree breeding. Working out the genuine from the fake is very easy when you know what to look for. Do your research and wait for the perfect kitten. It will be worth it in the long run. If you need to speak regarding a possible adoption or want more advice please feel free to contact me. I am happy to speak to anyone who is willing to take the time to research before buying a kitten.

Educate yourself and Good luck in your search for the perfect kitten

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