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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Litter H1 8 weeks

This is the first litter of Sophie and she has been a great mum.  This litter are a lovely bunch all very similar and extroverts.  Quite chunky babies who love their food.  All are brown tabby of varying shades.  One kitten will be going to a show home but I have not yet fully decided so the kittens with under observation next to their names are not available to be chosen just yet but will be in the next couple of weeks (all apart from one of them) both parents are big cats and I expect the kittens to grow up to be the same especially the boys as Zhenda is huge.

These kittens all have names begining with H.  I will email the list in order so please be patient. This is the last litter of 2016.  They should leave here in february along with litter G1.  All the kittens are very similar in temperament and any of them would be fine going together.

There will be a short break to give me a chance to do some home improvements then further kittens will be expected in late spring 2017

Breeding plans for next year will be posted in the next few weeks. only people on the list will be offered kittens in 2017.  The list is open now.  Please read adopting a kitten page and email according to instructions on that page of the website. www.druzhina-siberian-cats.co.uk


The boys:

Druzhina Herbie (meaning bright)  black brown mackerel tabby boy

This was our smallest kitten in the litter.  He is still smaller than the others but catching up and has gained weight consistently with the others.  He has a big friendly character and a very sweet nature.  Quite calm and should be fine in most homes.

Druzhina Henley  ( meaning from the woods)  Black brown spotted tabby boy
Lively like the others but alittle shyer about being handled than the others.  When older he should grow in confidence but maybe a quieter home just incase is best

Druzhina Harrison  ( meaning Lord of the manor)  Black brown mackerel tabby.  The boss out of the boys. The biggest of the boys and a very warm brown almost golden. A bit of a fidget but lively and playful. Does not stay still for long. Suitable in most homes

The girls:

Druzhina Hope  ( meaning eternal life)  Black brown mackerel tabby girl 
under observation

A sweet even tempered girl, very pretty and like all the other girls friendly and suitable in most homes. Looks very much like dad did as a kitten.

Druzhina Hermione  ( meaning luck and speed) black brown spotted tabby girl

Smallest of the girls but big character and the cutest little face.  Beautiful marking and contrast in her coat.  Again similar to the other girls and suitable in most homes. Very similar pattern to coat as her brother Henley. Huge blotched spots on coat. Normally quite small so quite unusual. They both looked classic at birth.

Druzhina Helena ( meaning bright one) black (golden) brown mackerel tabby girl
under observation

Lives up to her name. The boss out of the girls very bright in colour and temperament. Biggest of the girls and has huge feet.  Suitable in most homes but as she is very confident a home with lots of attention maybe best

Druzhina Harmony ( meaning peace)  Black brown mackerel tabby girl
under observation

A very sweet girl, gentle and easy to handle. well behaved yet playful. suitable in  most homes. Lovely type and expression. Looks very much like her mum did as a kitten


  1. Another gorgeous litter, you've had some real beauties this year! Hope is beautiful xx

  2. Thankyou. Breeding plans for this year will be posted soon. Some exciting new litters planned and a repeat of this mating