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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Litter G1 - 8 weeks

One of my last litters of 2016.  They are doing well currently and developing their own characters. All are litter trained and eating on their own  although alittle fussy at times with their food.  There are a mix of characters in this litter with one crazy extrovert, a mild tempered playful red boy and the rest placid calm kittens who are very well behaved. I hope to get the kittens vaccines started in the next week or so.  Its been a busy time of year and so these pictures are alittle late going online.  This is Dinaras last litter as she will soon retire.  She has been with me for 6 years and is a very placid girl and great mum. I will be sad to see her go. Saying goodbye to the retired adults is always so much harder than saying good bye to the kittens believe it or not.

These kittens are now ready for reservation to my waiting list only. I will email people in order so please be patient as I have a lot to get through.


As usual we are on baby names and i have tried to choose names with meaning. (note pictures taken just before christmas hence the theme). Here they are:

The girls:

Druzhina Greta ( meaning pearl) Black brown spotted tabby female.  

Very pretty girl with lovely dense coat.  She can be alittle shy at first but loves to play.  She does get pushed out of the way alot by the others so on her own i think she will really blossom.  She would be best in a quiet home and should be fine left on her own for part of the day.  Would be a nice match with Gracie Or Grayson of going as a pair.

Druzhina Gracie   ( meaning good will)  Dark black silver mackerel tabby with white feet

Like her sister Greta a very well mannered quiet girl.  I think also best in a quiet home.  Also playful.  She is a very dark silver but will get a little lighter when fur grows

The Boys:

Druzhina Gilbert  (meaning bright promise). Black silver mackerel tabby with white feet.

 Well there is always one in the litter, this boy is nuts.  A little escape artist who is always on the go, always wants attention.  I think he would be better in a lively home with plenty of people around but if children you will have to be extra careful as he has a habit of running past you as soon as you open the door. He will need lots of attention and play time. He looks angry but is really very friendly.  His colour baffled me at first.  I was sure he was brown tabby but now I see silver legs and undercoat so he is a very tarnished dark silver. 


Druzhina Grayson   (meaning son of grey haired)  Dark black silver mackerel tabby boy

A sweet even tempered boy, playful but not demanding abit like his sisters although probably alittle less shy.  He would be best in a calm home and should be fine without lots of attention.  Any children are best older 

Druzhina Goldie   (meaning golden) red mackerel tabby boy

He is not golden but looks very similar hence the name. A gentle sweet boy who likes to play and gets very  protective over his toys and does not like to share.   Would be fine in most homes and if going in a pair he would be ideal with Grayson.


  1. What a lovely litter. Gilbert sounds exactly like Diesal ��

  2. Lovely litter, Greta is just gorgeous! xx

  3. Thank you. Its the eyes. Unfortunately this is the last litter from dinara as she retires