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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Breeding plans 2017

Below are my breeding plans for 2017 matings.  I operate a waiting list for kittens.  To be considered for a kitten this year please email me with the necessary information needed. (See my website adopting a kitten page and scroll down to how to join the waiting list for more information).

Please note the pictures used here for some of the girls were taken as kittens earlier in 2016.  They will not have kittens until 12 months old. Up to date pictures will be taken at a later date when I have more time to do  ones of sufficient quality.

All kittens are rehomed after 13 weeks of age  once they have had a full course of primary vaccinations, microchipped and neutered (no exceptions) .  All kittens come with full 5 generation pedigree and registration. I also give all my kittens a comprehensive kitten pack containing super premium quality food, cat litter, blanket and toys.  A cd with your kittens pictures will be included along with a useful care guide and lots of information leaflets.  4 weeks free insurance and Lifelong advice and support will also be given.

For more information please contact me.  Allergy sittings available on request for a small fee on specific dates only to those who have emailed with the information I require.

(please note these are just plans and could change as they are dependent on the cats, sometimes plans happen earlier or later than expected.  Sometimes certain pairings have to be changed if the cats do not take to each other).

Breedings planned for Spring/Summer:

Expected colours from Rasputin and Zen: Warm brown tabbies and possible goldens

Expected colours from Arlo and Crystal: Silver tabbies, silver torbies, Silver shaded

Expected colours from Zhenda and Cleo:  Brown tabbies and silver tabbies

Breedings planned for Summer/Autumn:

Expected colours from Rasputin and Narcyza:  Brown tabbies, silver tabbies, brown/silver torbies, red tabbies and possible red silver shaded (repeat mating of litter A1)  100% nem free pedigree

Expected colours from Zhenda and vodka: Brown tabbies, brown torbies and red tabbies all with or without white (Repeat mating of litter D1. possible last litter for vodka)

Breedings Planned for Autumn/winter:

Expected colours from Arlo and Eroshka: Brown tabbies, silver tabbies, possible silver shaded and brown or silver torbies. 100% nem free pedigree

Expected colours from Rasputin and sharmel:  Brown tabbies and possible solid black. 100% nem free pedigree

Expected Colours from Zhenda and sophie: Brown tabbies of varying shades, possible golden tabbies. (Repeat mating of litter H1. Possible last litter for Sophie)


  1. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful kittens from all these pairings. Particularly Arlo and Crystal as they are really pretty x

  2. Thankyou. Arlo is still a big baby and not interested in girls yet so we shall see if this mating happens

  3. Oooh Clare how gorgeous does the Arlo & Crystal pairing look! I'm sure Eren would be chuffed with a new friend ... Very very tempting! x

  4. Thanks.Yes both beautiful cats as are all of them.

  5. Excited to see how the kittens turn out! These cats are all so beautiful x

  6. Arlo & Eroshka
    Arlo & Crystal
    <3 <3 <3