Wonderful pedigree Siberian kittens sometimes available to loving INDOOR ONLY homes.
To go on my waiting list you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place. (this comes off the overall cost of a kitten). On choosing your kitten a further £100 is required to reserve them and the balance payable on collection.
Sorry I no longer accept waiting list enquiries without a deposit.
Please contact me via my website !

Allergy testing available on request for a small fee

WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Babies leaving soon

Well the time has come to say goodbye to our kittens. They started to leave us from last weekend and this time next week we will be kitten free.
The house will be quiet and it will feel strange but we have our adults to give our love and cuddles to.
People ask are you sad to see them go. The answer is yes but you come to realise early on that the day will come for them to leave and so see yourself as a foster carer in a way.  Our babies all have great homes with great caring people. That is all we ask for.

However what is even more sad is when an adult leaves us. Rasputin was my first import and an important part of my breeding. He has fathered many kittens and is also a great grandfather. After almost 6 yrs here. He will be leaving us for his retirement home on friday. This for me is very sad and i shall miss him dearly but it is important that he also has a life where he can be pampered as a pet. He loves cuddles and is a gentle boy. At the age of six he is still young but it is time for him to be the centre of attention. He will be going with his grand daughter lana. As much as i would love to keep him i cannot give him the one to one he deserves. This is the difficult part of breeding. Making a choice that is best for him not me.

Here is the handsome man. I will miss him and it will be hard saying goodbye to him..he even won over my boyfriend a dog lover..thats how great he is and i think i will see tears from both of us come wednesday.

His genes will carry  on in crystal cleo, vodka, arlo and kalena his lovely children and grandchildren.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Litter N1 11 wks

A few snap shots of the younger kittens. They are doing great and will also be leaving us at the end of the month.
All our kittens are reserved. More plans in 2018 for siberian kittens.

Litter M1 12 weeks

Here are a few snap shots before the babies go for neutering tomorrow, i shall miss having them around once they leave in a couple of weeks. Very pleased with how clear the silvers in this litter are. silver to silver mating has produced crystal clear colour.

Litter L 12 weeks

Here are a few snap shots of the babies, they will go for neutering tomorrow and start leaving the end of the month. The house will feel empty without them

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Our new canadian princess

Our new girl arrived recently. Her name is oliviasiberian cleopatre. She is a beautiful silver tabby with gold tarnish. She is super friendly and loves people. We hope to have kittens from her next summer. Our red male kitten from narcyza went to this breeder in an exchange and kennedy will be siring kittens in Canada next year carrying on daddy Radputins lines. He also has a super friendly character and after his long trip seems to be settling well.

Our 2018 breeding plans will be posted near the end of this year. We have lots of exciting plans and hopefully more beautiful silvers. Stay tuned for updates.

Note to those who have reserved our current litters. I will contact you in the next week with information on adoption and dates to visit your babies. Its been manic busy here and all my spare time has been taken up looking after kittens. I will have 2 weeks off from tommorrow so more time to sort everything out. Thank you for your patience.

We have no kittens offlist now and our last litter due in the next week is full. You can join the list for next year to get priority on choosing your perfect kitten. Next litters are not planned until spring 2018

Our new princess cleo 2 (we already have another cleo so i need to think of a different name for her)