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Monday, 14 November 2016

Litter E1 6 weeks old

The long awaited pictures are finally here of litter E1 from Yakira and Rasputin. note some of the pictures are not in great focus, this is because these kittens decided it was more fun to play than pose. This is the first time I have done this mating and have to say I am very pleased with the results. I was not sure how mum would be with kittening but she has been brilliant and reared them well. She is now taking a step back and letting them become more independent watching them as they play and explore.
There are 5 babies here and all are lovely in there own way.  There are a couple who I think would be nice as a pair and others who would be better in a home with lots of attention.
They are all eating kitten food and fully toilet trained and growing well. In keeping with the alphabet theme they all have baby names beginning with E. All the browns will be a warm colour like dad. The body will eventually go the colour on the head.  The silvers are very clear with no tarnish, something that is not always easy to get.

All these kittens are available to my waiting list only who I will contact in order over the next few days.  Waiting list please consider temperament and your home before choosing a kitten as this is very important for a happy healthy baby.

I still have a couple of places left on the waiting list for the younger litters who will be ready early next year. Please take the time to read my website before contacting me.  Indoor only homes and note I cannot offer allergy sitting right now but am willing to send fur samples if allergies are an issue.

So here they are:

The boys:

Druzhina Edan (little fire) black brown mackerel tabby. 
Given this name because he has attitude. Lets you know when he wants something, Quite vocal.  Playful and friendly. would not stay still for his pictures hence the lack of focus. He would be suited to most homes but I think if going alone a home where he will not be alone for long is best. very thick long coat that will require alittle more grooming than some siberians especially in winter

Druzhina Eren (Saint) Black brown mackerel tabby
Very chilled quiet boy compared to his brother hence the name.  Loves to play and very well mannered. He would be better in a quiet home either on his own or with his sister Eesha who is also similar temperament.

The Girls:

Druzhina Elaina (Light)  Black silver mackerel tabby.
Smallest of the girls, name given because she is a lighter silver than her sister.  Very cheeky playful girl.  Never still for 5 minutes.  Would be fine in most homes but I think would need plenty of attention so she does not get bored. If going as a pair I think Edan would be best suited to this girl.  Extremely pretty little girl

Druzhina Effie (Well spoken) Black brown mackerel tabby
This girl is also a talker but in a very quiet way hence name. I like to think well spoken :)  She is very sweet and loves to sit on your knee. She is the only one that consistently does this whenever you are sitting on the floor.  Loves attention and for this reason she cannot go to a home where she will be left alone for long as she would be miserable. Needs lots of attention even from children is ideal. Biggest of the girls with a slightly shorter coat.

Druzhina Eesha (pleasure) Black silver mackerel tabby
A nice sweet even tempered girl who is a complete pleasure and very gentle. likes to play and loves her food.  She is a slightly darker silver than her sister and has a thicker coat which may need more grooming.  As a pair would be best suited with her brother Eren.  A home that is not too busy might be best.


  1. Definitely worth the wait! They are all stunning and your descriptions of them are lovely too x

  2. Thanks kate... they are keeping me on my toes :)

  3. Beautiful litter! Elaine and Eren are my favourites, just gorgeous x