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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Litter D1 -6 weeks

So it is time for the waiting list to choose their new baby....Pleased to say the kittens in this litter are doing well.  They are growing nicely and fully weaned onto food with the odd suckle from mum when she lets them. They are also fully litter trained now.  They have slowly started to explore outside the nursery and are growing in confidence.  The kittens are all quite similar with just a few exceptions who are a little livelier.  I have to say they are all nice looking kittens with good appetites and sweet temperaments.  Mum has done a great job rearing this big litter. Browns do tend to change a lot in colour and often go the colour they are on the head.  The body can look quite dull at first until they develop an adult coat.

These kittens are available to the wait list only. I will email the list in order. Please do not contact me about them unless you are on my waiting list.  I will not be keeping any kittens this time so all will be available for pet homes.
I have chosen baby names and included their meanings.  I have tried to choose names that match their characters. I will also give a brief description of temperament.  Please note this does change especially when in new homes.

The boys:   

Druzhina Diesal ( Speed ) Black /brown mackerel tabby
Sweet boy who enjoys sitting on your knee and playing, can be vocal when he wants something, fairly confident at this stage. Would do well in most homes.

Druzhina Dorian ( Gift) Red mackerel tabby
A gentle quiet boy who enjoys playing and loves his food, very well tempered.  Can be alittle shy at first so maybe suitable in a quieter home.

The girls:

Druzhina Dalia  ( Gentle)  Black/Brown mackerel tabby with white
A quiet girl who tends to sit and observe and enjoys chasing balls. She loves a tummy tickle.  Can be alittle nervous of loud noise so a calm home without young children is best.

Druzhina Dolcie (sweet)  Black brown torbie with white
An extremely cute little girl in all ways, gentle calm and playful. Slightly smaller than the other girls but has gained weight consistently, she was smallest at birth which is common in big litters. Tends to take a back seat in the litter as there are some bold characters but enjoys attention.  Should be fine in most homes

Druzhina Dakota  (Friend) Black brown mackerel tabby
A friendly confident girl who loves sitting on your knee. Biggest in the litter.  Enjoys her food and playing chase with the others. Would suit most homes

Druzhina Dilara  (lover)   warm Black brown mackerel tabby
Probably the most confident in the litter loves people and playing along with her food.  I think she would go well in a family home with lots of attention. She looks the spit of her father zhenda and will be quite warm judging by her face.

Druzhina Dixie (blessed)  Black brown mackerel tabby with white
This girl started off quite shy but upon leaving the nursery gained confidence and likes to explore, she is first to run out the room.  Also very sweet and playful.  She may take alittle longer to come round so a not too busy home may be best for her. The last picture of her is my favourite of them all.


  1. They're absolutely gorgeous! Dakota and Diesal are my favourites ��

  2. Thank you. Its a lovely litter. Dolcie is super cute too

  3. All lovely, but Dixie and Dalia are my favourites. Gorgeous faces! Well done to Vodka for doing such a great job with her first (very large) litter x

  4. Thank you. She has been a very good mum but has alot of recovering to do. She has lost alot of weight poor thing