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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Retiring cats needing homes

I will be looking for new homes for 4 of my girls this year.  All  are retiring either due to age or not being suitable for future breeding. As previously mentioned I will be looking to bring in new bloodlines and so must make tough decisions to retire cats that have similar pedigrees to others.

First cat to retire....
She will be 5 yrs old next year and I was going to let her have one last litter but as I will be short on space it is wiser to retire her now as she has had kittens this year and I have her lines in her granddaughters cleo and crystal.  Adrienne is a loving lap cat who enjoys lots of attention.  She would be best suited to an active homes with children (over the age of 7 yrs ideally) where there are people home for most of the day. She must not be allowed to free roam outside.  If you can offer her a home please contact me with information about yourself. She will be available from the middle of october 2016. please do not let her fierce wild look put you off she is a real softee

I will be retiring podiva early next year once she has had her kittens.  She is now 3 yrs old but does not enjoy being around other cats so i feel it better for her to go to a quiet home as an only pet.  She is a loving cat who enjoys attention she is just not keen on restrictive long cuddles.  She prefers sitting next to you to be stroked.  She should be fine in a family home providing they are not planning on getting more cats.  Also she must be indoor. 

Daughter to podiva I will also be retiring her early next year.  She however is a little different to her mum.  She is ok with other cats but not that keen on lots of attention.  She is much better around people when no other animals are around otherwise she will choose to bond with the animals instead.  She is quite upset easily so would need a quiet home with an experienced owner and no children.  She hates being left alone so the person would ideally be someone retired or part time at work. Once she knows you she enjoys attention but does not like restricted cuddling.  She is also very vocal and likes to talk.  She may take alittle longer to settle in a new home She is only a baby at 15 months but i feel she is better in a home where someone can build up her confidence and give her more attention. She will also be available early next year.

She will be retiring after her last litter early next year.  She is currently 5.5 yrs old and has contributed greatly to my program over the years.  A great cat and mother.  She gets on well with other cats and  enjoys attention but is quite sensitive of loud noises so would not be happy in a noisy home with children. Other pets ideally cats is not an issue providing they have  a calm and similar temperament and there are not too many.  Bold personalities may upset this quiet girl. She will also be available early next year.

If you are interested in adopting any of these girls please feel free to contact me...allare purebred siberians with pedigrees who  must go to indoor only homes and a contract of care signed before adoption. Any questions please contact me. Adoption price will be less than a kitten but will vary between each cat

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