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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Kitten plans end of 2016

We are nearly approaching the end of the year and also the end of our matings.  We have had to adjust plans as the cats have not always wanted to have babies when i did so the litters will vary slighty from the plans i listed earlier in the year. All our girls have managed to get pregnant and will hopefully have healthy litters. However one girl wilhelmina lost her babies and had to be spayed.  It is very sad and it is the first time anything like that has happened so was very saddening, so unfortunately there will be no babies from this cat.

Future end of year kittens
However the good news is that Yakira will be having her babies any day now and I am hoping all goes well.....

Her mum podiva is also due to have babies but in the middle of october.  Father to both these litter is Rasputin.

Expecting some silver kittens from both matings.  These 2 girls will probably retire after this litter.


Dinara is also pregnant and will have her babies at the end of october, This will be her last litter.  Daddy is Rasputin again.

Sophie is also pregnant and due beginning of November a few days after dinara. Daddy is zhenda

Both Dinara and Sophie should have had kittens 2 months ago but did not get pregnant so it will mean kittens here over christmas and going in february next year. I normally like to have a break around christmas until march with no kittens but this will not be the case this year so please be patient with me when contacting me. I will be extremely busy with 5 litters in the house until December and then 4 litter until early next year. I will not be doing allergy sittings for this reason

All kittens will first be offered to our waiting list.  I closed the list around may time because it was getting very full and as half of my girls were new to breeding i did not know for sure if they would conceive.  Once all the above litters are born I can then look towards opening it again for a small handful of people as I should have kittens left over. I will announce here when that is very soon... please check back


  1. So unfortunate about Wilhelmina, she's such a beautiful cat and so distinctive looking too, her kittens would have been stunning.

    Good luck with the rest of the litters, you've clearly got busy times ahead. Lovely to see Vodka doing so well with her little ones, especially since its her first and such a large litter :)

    Amy Smithl

  2. So sorry to hear about Wilhelmina, I hope she is ok and recovering well.

    I hope all goes well for Yakira. There's lots to look forward to with the latest pregnancies. I'm getting excited hoping that our kitten will be born soon! X

  3. Thanks kate. Your kitten should be born very soon you are number 13 ( hopefully not unlucky for you )

  4. Brilliant, does that mean its likely to be one of Podiva's kittens? She's a beauty x

  5. Possibly or one earlier if people decide to wait

  6. Wow you've a lot going on! Fingers crossed they are all born healthy and happy :)