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Saturday, 11 June 2016

c1 update

Just a quick update to say the c section babies are all doing well. Now 3 days old they are thriving. Eating more than they need and gaining weight so we hope this continues. Thank you to the people who have emailed to wish them well. It will be worth all the effort. We are managing to get 8 hrs sleep aswell as feeding them but for the next 3 wks its going to be busy. I will try and do litter A1 pics at weekend and they will then be ready to reserve all being well. All kittens from other litters are doing great and litter z go for first vaccs next thursday. Adriannes are doing well as are nickis. All very cute babies.


  1. Its so lovely to read this blog and see just how much love and effort goes into raising these beautiful kittens. Hoping to be accepted onto your waiting list when it reopens and will keep following :)

  2. Thank you jen. I do love breeding them despite it being far from easy. Its certainly a labour of love and beats watching tv when you get to play and cuddle kittens :) sorry i cant accept you right now. I have many people waiting and not enough kittens yet so its unfair to accept more right now. Hopefully by the end of summer when more cats are expecting i will re open. Do follow the blog regularly so you do not miss out.

  3. Hi Clare, so pleased the C section babies are doing well. Love reading all your info and pics of the fur babies. having a hard time waiting until next year for the arrival of our new babies, viewing your blog really helps. regards Lynne.

  4. Thanks Lynne. It will fly by im sure. I think its nice to be able to see pics of them growing up.

  5. Hi Clare,

    Just updated ourselves with the activity in your house and we wanted to wish Xara a speedy recovery - much love from her sister Xana too!

    Glad to hear that her babies are all doing well along with the humans in the house watching over them.

    All the best, Scott, Em & Sara

  6. Thanks scott. Feeling the lack of sleep now but the kittens are thriving. Mum is alot happier now. Hope xana and yourselves are well

  7. Love the updates Clare, hope the new arrivals are all doing well. My son and I keeping a close eye on who arrives, we are very excited for our turn!

  8. So far so good Amanda g. Im busy hand rearing and trying to wean other kittens so its busy. Im sure it will be worth the wait.