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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Welcome to the world litter Z

Dahlia gave birth to her 6th and final litter on the 14th April.  It was a small litter of only 2 kittens but both are good sizes. Small litters tend to occur the older a female gets. We have one of each sex the male being the biggest kitten I have bred so far. Daddy is Zhenda and I hope he will grow up to be daddies size. Both kittens are doing very well and mummy is content.  Both are brown mackerel tabbies and the female is a slightly pale golden brown colour especially on the head. Both kittens have nearly doubled their birth weights.  Normally you would expect them to double their weight after around the first week but then they have alot of milk available to them.  Dahlia has had some big litters in the past and they are a strain on mum and require extra feeding so small litters are easier all round and given her age it is nice for her to have an easy time with her last litter.

The female will be under observation to stay here.  I will be looking for the male kitten to ideally be rehomed with Dahlia and this offer will be given to my waiting list only. It is always sad to see cats retire and when they have been an integral part of my breeding (she has been with me from almost the start) its very sad to let them go.  Dahlia has been an amazing mother producing wonderful kittens in temperament and looks.  When you have a good cat that enjoys being a mum it is a great loss to your breeding but it is unfair to breed her for any longer.

People often ask why I do not keep retired cats.  As part of responsible breeding I do not keep retired cats as this creates high numbers of cats and undue stress not to mention it increases the risk of diseases due to overcrowding.  I have a duty to ensure I breed responsibly and keeps any risks to kittens low and ensure the welfare of my breeding cats is not compromised.  If I was to stop breeding then they would of course stay with me but as a breeder you have to be aware that for every kitten you keep for breeding an adult must retire.  You have to be quite harsh and set a limit on numbers of cats to limit risks.

Now for the exciting part.... baby pictures at birth

 Kittens at 5 days old.... female on the right... both little fatties



Narcyza aka Nikita babies due soon

We have our second litter of the year due at the beginning of May.  Niki is our polish female and should have an interesting selection of colours in her litter being a silver torbie.  Daddy is rasputin and expected colours will be silver and brown tabbies, red, red silver males, torbie females. This is her first litter and she is looking rather large so I expect a good few kittens  unless of course they are just big in size.

Here is mummy resting. This will be my first 100% traditional pedigree mating with neither parents having any colourpoint cats in their entire family tree. This is quite hard to find and so the best kittens from this mating will be going to other traditional breeders and one female may stay here. The rest will be available to my waiting list.

I am also pleased to announce that it is looking like Adrianne is 3 weeks pregnant, her daughter xara was mated a week after her so fingers crossed she is also pregnant.  If so that would mean we have our 3rd and 4th litter sdue first and 2nd week of june.

Wilhelmina whitney will be mated in may all being well.

Here is gorgeous niki resting in her bed...

Instagram pictures

Here is a selection of instagram pictures I have posted Since joining a few months ago.... If you are on there please feel free to follow Druzhina Siberians to see new kitten pictures and some classic old ones. Some not shown on my blog

Our newest daddy

We saw the arrival of zhendas first litter on the 14th of April, litter Z from dahlia and zhenda.  He is now an adult and will have to start acting like one.  Here are some snaps.... he is obsessed with the small windmills that are in a plant pot in the garden and always runs over to them when he gets the chance.

He is nearly 18 months old and a big boy...Thank you to his breeder Jackie Henderson of lunik tyen siberians for this wonderful boy.  He is such a pleasant boy and im lucky to have him.


Here is one of my babies from last year who stayed with me, she is a black mackerel torbie with white.  She has an unusual face but i think its very unique.  She will have babies in the summer as her first mating did not take (she was alittle nervous of big zhenda being her first time )

The troublesome threesome

Thought I would share some pictures of three of my girls enjoying the sun this afternoon.  I came home from work to see them lazing around.  Such a hard life they have.  Adrianne and xara will hopefully have babies in june and
whitney in july.

A siberian tail

Thought I would share this lovely picture of one of our gorgeous red boys. He is from Dinara and Rasputin and his owner kindly sent me this of him out on his harness in the garden.
I advocate indoor homes for safety but welcome owners giving their cat safe access outside.  Siberians take well to wearing a harness and really enjoy being outside when the weather is nice.  This boy has the best example of a siberian coat.  Medium length on body and long full bottle brush tail and small ruff around the neck. He is not overly fluffy like a persian. Some people who do not know the breed often enquire about cute fluffy chocolate box kittens. Siberians are cute but they are not overly fluffy. Their coat develops with age.  This boy is a young adult so has plenty of growing time left.

All my cats and kittens are only rehomed to people who will not let the cat roam.  Siberians are people cats and not streetwise, preferring to be in the home getting attention.  Having an indoor cat does take more work on the owners part to keep them entertained but if you do not put the effort in then maybe this breed is not for you.