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Saturday, 25 April 2015

kittens due

We can now confirm all our girls are now pregnant and the following litters are due:

Dahlia and Maximus- end of April

Adrianne and Rasputin- due middle of May

Podiva nd maximus- due middle of June

These will be all our matings this year.  All kittens will first be offered to waiting list before the general public, we may have the odd kittens available off list so please keep a regular check on this blog as they will be advertised here for rehoming when available.

litter v 3 wks

The babies are now 3 wks old and growing well, they have just had their first taste of milk and are getting more adventurous.  I can see they are developing their own little personalities now and have formed little play groups the brown and silver boy love playing together and have similar temperaments currently  and are abit quieter than the other two. The tortie and red and more vocal and demanding of attention.  mum is doing a great job and tolerates them climbing all over her.
The socialisation starts early with cats as soon as their eyes open at 2 wks and so they will slowly be exposed to new things to ensure they make good pets.
I will do better pictures in 3 wks or so when they will be ready to be chosen by their new owners so for now just a few snapshots.

In their nest area with mum

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Welcome to the world litter V

The arrival of litter V came on the 30/03/15.  We have 3 boys and 1 female, all are doing well and growing fast.  Mum is doing a great job as always.  As usual a colourful bunch of brown and silver tabby with white, red tabby and a lovely black torbie female with white feet.  The proud parents are Druzhina Dinara Dima and Charodey Rasputin of Druzhina.  Currently only available to waiting list when reached the appropriate age.  To those on my list i shall be intouch when the kittens are around 6 weeks old.

Here are a few snap shots

Mum and babies :)

my cats

I took  a few shots of a couple of my cats whilst doing the babies and thought i would share them...
Here is dad to litter V Charodey Rasputin of Druzhina, this is a cat that has that wild look typica of the breed and I love it very much.  He passes this look onto most of his kittens also.

Here is the lovely Annie or Emerald kingdom Adrianne of Druzhina who is alo the same colour but a much lighter shade.  These two have been romancing and she appears to be pregnant, its early days but hopefully there will be kittens from them in May