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WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Siberian cat breeders, how to know if you have found a good one

I thought i would just write this post really to educate those looking for a Siberian kitten. As those of you may be aware who have spent months looking for a kitten it is a minefield. Where do you start, how do you know the breeder is genuine, how do you know they are doing their best to produce healthy cats and are they real pedigrees? Some of the questions you might ask right? Well firstly i have seen alot of online adverts especially on free websites like pets4homes advertising so called siberian kittens for sale. Whilst some are from registered breeders most are not. Anyone can call themselves a breeder and produce kittens you only have to have a male and a female unneutered and let nature take its course to be able to do that but is that enough? ofcourse not. Being a good breeder is about taking pride in what you are doing and wanting to produce good examples of the breed for other to enjoy. It takes alot of research to know about pedigrees, health issues, breeding issues, rearing kittens both physically and mentally stable. Alot of expense and heart ache and there are days when i do think is it worth it? I do it for the love of the breed and any money i do make goes back into the cats. Profit is minimal and really is rare to have. Even an experienced good breeder will have issues its nature. So what are the warning signs of a bad breeder or one in it for the money? my website adopting a kitten page gives a good insight but i shall list some points here. not registered, selling young unvaccinated kittens, no pedigree or more importantly registration documents for the parents. This is often because the people breeding the cats do not have permission to do so and therefore cannot issue any paperwork and they are not registered.not asking questions or caring where the kittens go. Breeders who are registered generally will care and do their best to produce what will be a healthy well balanced kitten for you to enjoy. They will be over 12 weeks and better able to hndle the rehoming process so hopefully you do not end up with a kitten with behaviour problems or highly stressed. They will have been given a good diet, vaccines and most importantly a health check. You will get a contract which gives you some guarantee for issues once the kitten goes, full pedigree papers to prove your cat is genuine. My first long haired cat was a good old moggie in brown tabby form and could have been passed off as siberian. He wasnt but so many of these online adverts are offering so called siberians for half the normal price. no papers then not a pedigree cat im afraid. Dont be fooled by the old oh i have papers for the parents but not the kittens as im not registered. Think why they arent? because they cant be bothered going to the hassle of following guidlines or paying for a cattery registration. They are in it for the money plain and simple and wont care if your kitten gets sick. The kitten wont be bred and socialised properly in most cases and may not even have had a health check. I get emails from so many people who fall for this. They think its ok to go to these people for a pet siberian and arent bothered if the breeder is registered as they are not fussed on papers. Well its not just about papers its a guarantee of quality. Always ask to see proof of registration and ask questions. A good breeder will not mind as they have nothing to hide. I pride myself on breeding to a high standard because i want my kittens to have the best start. I care about what happens to them and where they are going. I offer life long advice and try and help owners should they have issues later on. I get great comments from vets who do health checks on my kittens in new homes saying how healthy they look and most are shocked to see a kitten that has had everything the vet would recommend already done. Being a vet nurse i understand how important good breeding is and what is involved in producing good kittens. Our kittens are pets and include: vaccination worming flea treatment microchipping neutering pedigree/registration 4 wks free insurance with petplan Kitten care pack (see website) Lifelong breed and veterinary advice So how much should i expect to pay for a well bred full pedigree siberian kitten? Generally you wont get one for less than £500 unless it is an older kitten or retired adult. It does depend on what the breeder is doing before adoption. some offer microchipping on top of standard vaccines (all registered breeders should be vaccinating their kittens before rehoming. 2 vaccines starting from 9 wks 3-4 wks apart) a small handful like myself early neuter the kittens. When i started breeding 6 years ago the price was £500. I charge £600 because of the extras i provide. I have noticed some breeders are now charging the same for a kitten with just vaccines. Im not sure why this is and it is really upto the individual if willing to pay that much for just a vaccinated kitten. Costs are however rising and with vet bills and food bills, petrol etc going up the price may change because of these things. I have given pricing alot of thought and due to the rising costs especially my vet bills I will be increasing my Kitten Charge as of 2015 to £650 for a pet kitten to include everything listed above. So anyone getting a kitten from me starting from january 2015 will be charged the new price of £650. I feel i offer a complete package and you do not need to do much from a veterinary perpective with your kitten until the first yearly vaccines if acquiring a Druzhina Kitten. So basically a kitten with the minimum vaccines and worming should cost around £500-£550 depending on breeder location anything over this should in my book include microchipping and neutering. If you are paying less than £500 please be careful and if they are not registered breeders stay well clear, its not worth the heartache for saving £200 or so. A point on early neutering for those who may be alittle concerned re safety. It has been practiced in a rescue setting for over 10 years and is quite common in other countries. I am involved in my kittens operations as i am in theatre at the time monitoring the anaesthetic and recovery, prepping for surgery etc. I have first hand experience and have been doing the early neutering for almost four years. 60 kittens done and not one issue to date. Healing is faster, no issues with growth or urinary problems etc and it takes the worry off the new owners. Females can call very early before 6 months and the convential age of 6 months is just not suitable for some cats. It also gves me peace of mind in knowing none of my kittens will get into the hand of bad breeders. This is a growing concern as the breed popularity increases unfortunately. More people are jumping on the hypoallergenic status bandwagon to try and make some money off these cats. I hope this overview has helped alittle in choosing a good breeder. The siberian cat club has a list of registered breeders and some breeders have a testimonial page which can help give you an idea of what previous owners have had to say about the breeder. Most importantly ask questions and go with your gut instinct. If the kittens are old enough then a home visit is best but most wont let you visit until after 9 weeks (1st vaccine) for hygiene reasons. Good luck in your search for a siberian kitten, i hope you find the perfect kitten to share a long happy life with!


  1. Great overview of what to look for, Clare. I have shared with my friends as a few of them have mentioned that they may be looking for Siberians at some point. :)

  2. Everyone needs to research carefully and never take a kitten because you feel sorry for them as hard as it is. You are simply encouraging these people to breed more.

  3. Not all registered breeders are ethical and so you can't make guarantees in this either. Some have been banned by one association only to register with another. If you don't learn what to look for you will be none the wiser. I hate seeing all these adverts from bad breeders breaks my heart and is ruining the breed unfortunately until breeders early neuter there will always be those buying pets only to breed via the back door.

  4. Well said Clare.
    Hope people take the time to read it. Some great advice.

  5. Thanks I think it's something we should all educate people on as a lot of novice owners have no idea what goes on or what to look for. Hopefully it will save some families the heartache of being fooled and ending up with problems.