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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Advice for kitten buyers

I feel I should post a short article on purchasing a kitten and what to look for in a good breeder. There has been an incident recently involving the sale of an under age kitten outside of the breeder recommendations with no vet check, vaccines or contract in place. Unfortunately this kitten died and it has shocked the siberian breeders here as this person is a registered breeder. I won't name names or post my feelings anymore on the subject as it would seem by me doing so it has resulted in threats. This article is not intended to pass blame, name or shame but to educate owners who are not aware of these matters. My opinion and feelings on this matter have been voiced but what I will say is owners have a right to support by the breeder they buy a kitten from. I have previously advised buying kittens only from registered breeders but I now will change that comment to ensuring they buy from a reputable breeder as being registered is not enough without the following. Please ensure you buy from someone who adheres to the breeder code of ethics which are a set of rules to help protect the kitten and buyers. They are not enforced but merely a recommendation so please don't assume they will be carried out by everyone. However the recommendations are there for a good reason to help give the kitten the best start and both parties peace of mind. Things can of course still go wrong and there are no guarantees when buying an animal but if the following is done they we have done our best. They include appropriate care and diet, worming, health check and vaccinations, animal free of disease at the time of sale and over 12 weeks of age. A sales contract and advice on diet and kitten care should be provided along with a pedigree and registration. On going care and support should there be a problem and free insurance. Other things like microchipping and neutering may be provided at extra costs depending on the breeder. It is tempting to try and get a kitten as young as possible but kittens are not emotionally equipped to fully handle the stress of rehoming until over 12 weeks old. This process is very stressful and needs to be handled carefully. Also vaccination is a big stress and to put a kitten through starting vaccines when they have only just been rehomed is not a good idea. Some animals cannot handle vaccines as well as others and so by keeping the kitten until after they have been vaccinated ensures to some degree that they are fit and well enough to cope with the stress of rehoming and more importantly protected against potential disease. A good breeder should not let a kitten go with known issues so sometimes it means you may not get your kitten at 13 weeks if the breeder feels they need more time to recover. I have been questioned in the past for holding onto kittens a week or so longer for this very reason. There is alot more to a good breeder than I have time to discuss here and caring about the welfare of the kittens and putting their needs over your own is important. A lot of hard work goes into breeding and no one is perfect. Things can and do go wrong even with the best intentions but it is the breeders responsibility to try and rectify these issues not dismiss them or pass blame to the owner or vet etc. I am trying to educate people so they don't fall victim to this happening to them and it is a sad state of affairs. It is too late for many kittens but if the public choose only to buy from reputable breeders who abide by the above hopefully we can reduce the number of cases of this happening. We are not gods but mere human beings and no one wants to see bad things happen but we must accept responsibility for our actions and learn from them. I hope a lesson has been learned here. I have been accused of bullying for having a passion and caring about the welfare of animals when it would be much easier to keep quiet. I am saddened by this comment yet i stand by what I have said in that I do not condone the sale of under age kittens without vaccines and a health check and if this upsets people then I am sorry.


  1. Clare, Thankyou for making these important points.

    I fully support your advice. If new kitten buyers adhere by it then those breeders who choose to flaunt the code of ethics of the Cat Registries they belong to will quickly realise sooner or later they'll be caught out.

    I'm sorry to hear your opinions on a recent Animal Welfare case resulted in your being threatened. This is outrageous behavior by any standards. We are all entitled to our opinions. I hope you're OK .

    Thanks for taking the time to warn others.

  2. well said, it is always the kitten or cat that must come first.

  3. An interesting post.....and I am sure you will be equally shocked and horrified to hear that a breeder who you have praised for her kindness towards you was quite happy to sell us one of her kittens last year which hadn't been vet checked or vaccinated once at 13 weeks (in spite of various assurances that it would be). This Heather was also under a suspension at the time be the GCCF for apparently (according to her husband) selling a kitten that died. Perhaps it's condition would have been picked up....had it been properly looked after prior to the sale. Naturally we pulled out of the sales and reported this breeder to the relevant bodies. Fortunately we had a happy ending and are now the proud owners of a very healthy and happy Siberian.

  4. Thank you both for your support and also to Susie another breeder who was very helpful when another breeders husband so kindly rang me up and threatened me for having an opinion of which according to them I have no right to have. The sympathy vote quite frankly does not wash with me and I don't take too kindly to this behaviour. It would seem standing up to some people is not liked and in return they write sympathy vote posts to try and blacken your name.

    Anonymous I don't know who you are but judging by Jo's post I would guess your name is Deborah. Let me clear some things up here. I do not support any such behaviour and any breeder doing this will be black listed in my book. Yes I had dealings with Heather years ago before all this got out and I was a young breeder. No one knew of what was going on then and I have removed any associations with her so im afraid your information is incorrect. She is most definitely not a friend. No prizes for guessing who informed you, so sorry to disappoint. Unlike others I won't stand buy someone who clearly does not put the welfare of their cats first.

  5. Yes you are right if the kitten you mention had of been checked properly maybe the illnesses would of been picked up and maybe that is why a registered breeder would choose to sell a kitten with no health checks? my post is to educate people and you did the right thing pulling out of the adoption. I just wish more people would.

  6. It would seem its a case of lets try and make all the breeders who do things by the book look bad here. All because they have disagreed with a persons decision to sell an underage kitten with no health checks. Case of not what you know but who you know. Heather was banned for 2 yrs for her actions yet others aren't... interesting that? I agree the ban was the right decision just obviously its not across the board clearly. You really know nothing about me and I am not in the wrong here. I follow the guidelines and I support owners if they have problems. I am fed up of petty behaviour. No one is perfect but I would hope if I had bought a kitten with a problem that I would be supported by the breeder not blamed of neglect. Next time you want to comment on a blog please have the decency to show who you are. You are lucky I even posted your reply as a certain person won't even post mine so I can defend myself, infact she will only post things that go in her favour :)

  7. I have a Druzhina Sibrian - a little girl who I became the lucky owner of last year. But before finding her I had tried to get kittens from other breeders and was shocked to realise how so many of them breed kittens purely for the money. I lost £400 to two separate breeders in deposit money for kittens which I never got to have. And even worse, I lost another £1000 when I got a kitten from a breeder who took back her kitten when it turned out be sick but yet she never refunded my money. The kitten was unwell from day one and with me for a whole month during which I had to make endless visits to the Vet and take unpaid leave from work to care for her. Once my Vet diagnosed the kitten the breeder agreed to take the kitten back but told me she could not pay me back up front because she had spent the money I had paid for her kitten. I made the trip from London to Sheffield (where this breeder is based) at my own cost to return her kitten yet to my utter disbelief the breeder only repaid £100 in total and thereafter stopped responding to my calls and emails. Almost one year on she is now advertising new litters for this year with same contact details yet avoiding my emails and calls for the request of refund. The scary thing is that all of these breeders who are effectively fraudsters are all allegedly registered; which I now realise means nothing more than a selling tool to fool buyers into believing they are dealing with breeders who are somewhat regulated and reliable. My advice to all prospective buyers; please don't get fooled by nice websites or the mention of the breeders being registered, as from my experience, some of them could as well be dealers of dodgy old cars! Go with a reputable breeder even if you have to wait a year! I wish I had done that! ...and thank you Claire for being such a great example of what a breeder of kittens (or any living creatures for that matter) should really be like x
    Annie Choudhury (London)

  8. thankyou for your kind words. if things go wrong which they can do with everyone we have a duty to help if its believed to have been an.issue from.the breeder. hope you are all well. some breedera help like jackie when its not even her kittens. thats caring as she didnt need to. hope huala is very well and her little half siblings in litter m send thier love ... i would not gove up on your refund. further action can and should be taken if you have a contract refer back to it and see what it says. there should be something in there to cover this situation. take care annie. email if you need anything x

  9. Annie, is that breeder listed on Siberian-cat-club.co.uk? If so you should let them know, hopefully they will remove the listing. That's the site where I came across Druzhina and very glad that I did, but would hate to have got a con from a site thats dedicated to listing honest reputable breeders. Sounds like that breeder really scammed you and doesn't deserve the advertising that comes with being listed on a site like that.

  10. As a committee member of the Siberian cat club i can only hope that the breeder Annie is talking about is not on our list. As no names are mentioned though i can not check......

  11. I myself was scammed by Heather with the promise of a beautiful healthy siberian, that would be vaccinated and vet checked TICA and GCCF registered but when it came down to it i had a poorly little kitten that had mites in her ears, fleas, and was being fed on adult dried whiskas cat food!!!!!!!!!!!! I never received the promised vets vaccination card or the pedigree or anything i went through trading standards and she just ignored all correspondence especially when i found out she was banned when she sold me the kitten. She has a lovely website and you can see how people are drawn in. I went to the siberian cat club but as many of their members had been threatened by her previously they did not want any part in it. The sad thing is she is still selling kittens and obviously doesnt care about their welfare at all. Please stay well clear of this so called breeder, it also sounds like there are others like her too. I have a stunning Druhzina siberian now who is wonderfully happy and healthy. Really do your research before you put any money on a kitten if possible try to visit and ask the breeder questions too if they are a good breeder i can assure you they will have a lot of questions for you too.