Wonderful pedigree Siberian kittens sometimes available to loving INDOOR ONLY homes.
To go on my waiting list you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place. (this comes off the overall cost of a kitten). On choosing your kitten a further £100 is required to reserve them and the balance payable on collection.
Sorry I no longer accept waiting list enquiries without a deposit.
Please contact me via my website !

Allergy testing available on request for a small fee

WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

one adult left for rehoming

Update on cats available. All cats have now either been reserved or left for new homes apart from Ellie. Ellie is a bluepoint with white, full pedigree siberian. he is a quiet cat and homes that have become available where not suitable due to young children. I think she would be better suited in a quiet home with someone who understands cats and has patience. She is shy at first but when she knows you she enjoys attention and to play. he is a young adult, 4 yrs old. already spayed and chippe and upto date with worming and flea treatment etc. she is ready now for more pictures please see her web page under my cats via Druzhina siberians. I would like to ask people to be patient with enquiries pictures etc as I am now in the proces off moving cats. Fighter and khariton have now moved into the new house along with Dinara yesterday who is getting settled in her very own kitten nursery ready for her babies in less than ten days all being well. I will try and put some pictures on if I have time. birth new will follow. Karlisa will be moving in with me today and the rest over the next couple of weeks once the other rooms are ready. Its all hands on deck at the moment. I will still take enquiries for up and coming litters but this due litter has enough people on the list at present. The people on my lit will be offered first refusal after breeders and then if any are left I will make it known here. I will be doing another mating once this litter are born of which there will be space for. Waiting list places only available once you have told me about yourself and your home, work situation and any other relevant information I ask for. Once accepted you will need to pay a deposit to go on waiting list. I no longer take kitten enquiries without the above. If you would like to get an idea of the kind of kitten I produce please scroll to the bottom of the blog for pictures of some past kittens in a rainbow of colours. This may help with your decision on what colour to have. I must say all colours are wonderful as im sure you will agree. All are reared to the highest standards to ensure a well balanced healthy baby. Testimonials from past owners can also be seen on my website, testimonials page. Please be aware my kittens are not available to those looking for a bargain. I invest alot of time and effort into producing cats of high quality and so do alot of reputable breeders. Breeding cats is easy but breeding well balanced animals physically and emotionally is hard work. The old saying you get what you pay for is certainly true in all walks of life so please invest in a kitten from a good breeder to help ensure you have a friendly, healthy companion for life. I would like to take the opportunity to again thank all the wonderful owners of my babies over the years. They have all been lucky to find great, loving homes and may it continue. I love seeing updates from owners and its amazing to see how they have grown and hear of there funny and sometimes clever antics. Definitely not a dull moment when you have a siberian about the house. more news to follow soon so please keep checking back........

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