Wonderful pedigree Siberian kittens sometimes available to loving INDOOR ONLY homes.
To go on my waiting list you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place. (this comes off the overall cost of a kitten). On choosing your kitten a further £100 is required to reserve them and the balance payable on collection.
Sorry I no longer accept waiting list enquiries without a deposit.
Please contact me via my website !

Allergy testing available on request for a small fee

WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Latest updates

Its been a hectic few weeks again here with kittens and other things so I apologise for not being able to do pictures as frequently as normal. Litter K are all reserved and will be leaving for new homes from this weekend. They went for their 2nd vaccs and neuter on Tuesday and all went well. This litter Between Boris and Xena has turned out lovely, so much so we will try and have another breeding next year before they both retire. Khariton and Kleopatra will be staying here to replace the parents next year and Kalista although wanting to keep her I have now sold to another breeder. She is a lovely female and the best in the litter. I hope to keep a female like her next year and have another breeder interested in this breeding so I hope for equally nice kittens again. We still have lovely Jacin available and although he has had much interest the right home has not been found yet for one reason or another. I also have a couple of kittens from Litter L available and they will be ready Christmas week. I hope to also get my breeding plans up for next year soon and will do a recap of all the kittens we have had this year pets and those that will go on to breeding next year. This is the first year I have sold for breeding and so it will be lovely to see my grandchildren with other breeders. I would just like to point out that when enquiring about a kitten I would like owners to please read my website and understand what it is I do. I have had several enquiries recently from people wanting a kitten and then trying to haggle on price. I find this highly offensive and I won't tolerate it. Anyone who does this will be point blank refused a kitten. If you read my website you can clearly see the effort and expense that goes into producing each litter and all my pet kittens are neutered including females before rehoming along with chipping on top of all the usual. It is not common practice for breeders here to do this in this breed and this is why I charge alittle extra for my kittens. The extra I charge does not cover this but helps alittle. I do not merely up the price for the sake of it and it is in no way a means to make money this is certainly not why I breed. It makes me sad when people do this as it implies my kittens are objects and easily played off against other kittens on the market. Each kitten is raised to the highest standard with alot of love in a home environment and I do my best to ensure they will continue to be well adjusted kittens when leaving me. Please have the courtesy to see this and not try to negotiate. It is highly disrespectful. If wanting a cheap kitten then you will not find one with any respectable registered breeder so please be careful. There are alot of people selling so called siberians via free sites and although I sometimes advertise on these sites I do not want to be placed in this category. I am taking deposits for 2013 now so please contact me if wanting a kitten next year. I advise people to go on tier one to be guaranteed a kitten. I have a non deposit list also but I will only offer kittens to these people once all tier one have chosen. It is £50 to go on the tier one list and this comes off the overall costs.


  1. I think the people who think £500 is expensive simply underestimate the price of pedigree cats knowing they could get any old cat for £10 or less. I keep telling people about how much I want to get a couple of these cats one day but they are always shocked at the price... (I'm allergic to cats but hoping I will be ok with Siberians someday, unfortunately I can't afford one right now but know it'll be worth the wait). So I think its more lack of understanding than thinking the cats are objects. I hope most the hagglers ultimately understood the reason for the price difference in the end! Your kittens are gorgeous and clearly well looked after :)

  2. Hello, thank you for your comment. Yes people are used to getting a cat very cheap and so like you say maybe don't understand the expense involved especially if you import cats into the UK. That in itself costs thousands and then the care and time you put in to try and produce healthy happy kittens for others like yourself to enjoy. I should not take it personally but I do sometimes. I often wonder if they are concerned at the price now how will they feel when they need the vet, will they hold off on treatment until last minute and compromise the animals health? If so not the sort of home I want my kittens in.

  3. Hi Clare, your kittens are more than worth the amount you charge for them. Being a proud owner of your litter H kitten Huala, I cannot stress enough how happy and content I am with my kitten, not to mention all the advice I have received from you since bringing her home.
    I would like to say to anyone wishing to purchase a Siberian kitten that you will get so much more than you pay for when you go for a Druzhina kitten. I can say this with confidence as I was initially very unlucky in my search for a Siberian and ended up being messed about by no less than three different breeders before finally finding my little Druzhina kitten. From the very first moment we brought our kitten home she has been a delightful ray of sunshine in our lives. Our friends cannot believe how friendly and well behaved she is - and I will confess that none of this is my doing but is rather a reflection of the care and attention she was given by Clare as a kitten before I brought her home.
    Clare, I cannot thank you enough – and I would happily pay double the price for any of your kittens if I was ever to get another one!

  4. Hi
    Marjana, thank you for your kind words Huala was a lovely confident girl and such a character. I am glad you can see how my socialisation techniques help develop character. It does also depend on parents and genetics but nature and nurture play equal parts. I thank you for providing a lovely home in which she is happy and yes I am more than happy to provide lifelong healthcare/breed advice for any of my kittens. Speak soon :)