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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Litter K: Xena's babies 6 weeks old

Well I have finally got round to doing some pictures of the lovely bunch and have to say they are all coming along great. Its a very special litter as I was not expecting mummy to fall pregnant so to have a lovely litter like this is wonderful with quite a few kittens to choose from is lovely. We lost the other boy at a few days old so are left with only one boy but he is lovely and will almost likely stay here along with one maybe two girls as I just can't choose who to keep. Two of the girls a brown tabby and a dark silver tabby are huge and nearly 800g at 6 weeks old the biggest kittens we have had here and its not surprising since mum has been almost 6kg at her best and her grandparents being 6kg and 8kg. This is mums first and last litter so any kittens we keep will carry on her line here which is unique. I will be retiring a few girls and Boris next year to make way for some new cats so I will have young adults available soon. The litter have been given double barrell K russian names as they are special and such a lovely bunch, here they are at 6 weeks old. All kittens are under observation at present but you can still express an interest as we may have a couple available. The only Boy: Druzhina Khariton Kniaz,(Generous prince) Black silver mackerel tabby possibly shaded
The girls: Druzhina Kleopatra Kalisfena (praise to the father of good strength) Dark silver mackerel tabby, a big girl
Druzhina Kalista Kira (wonderful mistress ruler) brown mackerel tabby another BIG girl
Druzhina Kalisa Kiriena (beautiful lady) silver mackerel tabby possibly shaded, the twin to her brother
Druzhina Khariessa Kharitona (kind, happy, generous) Dark brown mackerel tabby
Druzhina Khvala Khrisiia (praise, golden) brown mackerel tabby


  1. Super images Clare.
    All are stunning and little Kalisa looks lovely, well done Xena.

    Julie & Keith.

  2. thank you both.... they are a great bunch... give your little one a hug from me :)

  3. Hi Clare
    Each and every kitten is just gorgeous. With the white background every photo could be a Christmas card.
    Best of luck with them.
    Kathy & Zen

  4. Stunning kittens....sooooooo want another :)

  5. thank you both this litter is lovely and everyone is good... i am happy with them all and mum has been great... I may have to keep her in breeding alittle longer maybe if this is what she produces :)