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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Xena's baby pictures

Well its been hectic here with kittens and other things going on. We have had a lot on and I have just completed the buying of my new home so over the next few weeks I will also be busy with work on the house before moving in. I apologise if I am unable to reply to kitten enquiries straight away but will try and reply as soon as humanly possible. I would like to thanks the owners of my recent kittens for their patience and understanding of how busy I am right now, I am very grateful. So Xena had her first litter a few weeks ago now but with everything going on I have not had chance to put pictures on yet so below are some pictures of her bunch at two weeks old. They are now alot bigger and starting the weaning and toilet training process so its quite a messy time. All are doing well and very cute. We may have the odd one or two kittens available from this litter but for now all are under assessment. There are five girls and one boy. She did have seven kittens born but unfortunately one of the boys faded shortly after birth and passed away at three days despite my best efforts to save him. Its the sad part of breeding unfortunately and with big litters this can sometimes happen. The one boy left is a lovely pale silver tabby and the rest are a mix of silver and brown tabbies in varying shades. Two girls are looking quite promising and very big like mum. Mum will be spayed after the kittens are weaned as it was a difficult birth and she also developed mastitis so I feel it unfair to breed her again so i will be keeping a female aswell. Boris is the father of the kittens and if the silver baby develops well he may also replace dad as I don't feel it fair to keep studs in breeding for too long. He will have one more year breeding next year and then retire at the age of three to be a lovely pampered pet. If there are a couple of nice girls then we may let one go to another breeder as it is a nice litter with some big strong kittens. So for now enjoy the pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and I will take some individual pictures when I have decided on names. I have people on a waiting list for these kittens so the people on tier one will be given priority which may mean none left to the general public. I do however have kittens available now. Please see post below this one for pictures and availability.


  1. A big congrats to Xena! She looks so content and the babies look beautiful! Congrats! xx

  2. Hi I would love the pale silver boy if he isn't already taken!!!!! Thanks carol Ann

  3. Thanks Melanie she is doing very well all things considered and her babies are a lively bunch :) x the boy in this litter will more than likely be staying here Carol.