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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Litter J - 7 weeks old and available kittens

The babies from Belle and Rasputin are now 8 weeks old and doing well. There is one baby Jarek who is quite abit smaller than the others but the rest are all good weights and size. For this reason he will not be available for rehoming at this time. They are fully litter trained, eating solids and very happy, playful babies. This litter has some of the nicest brown tabbies I have seen and the warm tones on the heads of some will eventually spread throughout the whole coat like dad. I am very pleased with how they are turning out in temperament and type. The babies are now available to my waiting list so if you are on the list I will soon be intouch but if you have a particular interest in this litter please get in touch. One female is already reserved to my waiting list, the other under assessment for breeding and one male optioned to a pet home, the rest are still available( three boys). They will be ready to leave here in 1 months time all being well. I also have one older kitten who is available to loving pet home. All kittens are vaccinated, microchipped neutered (including females), wormed, flea treated, registered with TICA and go with 5 generation pedigree and kitten care pack which contains everything you will need to get your baby settled in their new homes. For more information please contact me. I also have a lovely litter of silver and brown tabbies from Xena who are three weeks old and will be available soon to my waiting list and the last litter of the year due soon from Ruslana of which there may be kittens available. So here are the gorgeous bunch a litter of brown tabbies with/without white and silver tabbies with/without white, male and female. Druzhina Johanne, brown mackerel tabby with white female RESERVED FOR CLAIRE
Druzhina Jarena black silver mackerel tabby female UNDER ASSESSMENT
Druzhina Jerosh, Brown mackerel tabby with white male RESERVED FOR DENNIS AND LOLA
Druzhina Javour brown mackerel tabby male AVAILABLE
Druzhina Jacob Black Silver mackerel tabby with white male AVAILABLE
Druzhina Jacin dark brown mackerel tabby male AVAILABLE
Druzhina Jarek Dark brown mackerel tabby male UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME
Older kitten available now: Druzhina Igumen Black silver shaded male 3 months. Became available due to unforeseen circumstances. Lovely big boy weighing 2kg at only 3 months, very hefty and a pale platinum silver. This boy will most likely develop into a shaded silver when older. Very inquisitive and confident boy available to pet home.
Isaak a silver tabby male has become available due to being let down last minute by his owner and so he is also looking for a loving home and ready now.


  1. They are all gorgeous Clare and little Jarek looks like he will grow to b a lovely boy. If we didn't have our hands so full with Leo I'm sure we'd love another :-)

    Elaine & John x

  2. The photos look amazing! The daisies provide a really nice prop and compliment the kittens nicely, especially the random spots of yellow and green. So lovely.

    They are a beautiful bunch of babies. I'm betting they'll be snapped up quick like litter I were. I can see Hirdeta and Igumen going quite fast too. And hopefully someone will want Habrec too! Someone who could actually take him home and look after him anyway, unlike me. =(

  3. Hi Elaine thank you they are a nice bunch and you can see a mix of both parents in them, im sure he is keeping you busy and yes one day im sure he would love a play mate. give him kiss from me :)

    Thank you Becca I hope they all find lovely homes soon.x

  4. Yet another stunning litter Clare and so beautifully marked,and sure to be snapped up quickly.

    Julie and Keith.

  5. Thank you both :) they have lovely coats I must admit :)