Wonderful pedigree Siberian kittens sometimes available to loving INDOOR ONLY homes.
To go on my waiting list you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £100 to secure a place. (this comes off the overall cost of a kitten). On choosing your kitten a further £100 is required to reserve them and the balance payable on collection.
Sorry I no longer accept waiting list enquiries without a deposit.
Please contact me via my website !

Allergy testing available on request for a small fee

WARNING! Scammers on free advertising sites selling so called pedigree kittens for cheap, do not approach these people and go only to a registered breeder. I have also noticed people selling very young unvaccinated, unregistered kittens for cheap on these sites, again these type of kittens do not make great pets and are far to young to be rehomed, they most likely won't be purebred siberians either!

Information on my website 'adopting a kitten page' on why you should choose a reputable, registered breeder.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Kitten availability update

Following on from my previous post re litter I all kittens are now either reserved or optioned to people on my waiting list so none will be available to the public im afraid. I still have a red silver with white male available who is a lovely boy with a great character and one black female who is not yet reserved but does have someone interested pending allergy sitting results so she may be available. Litter J will soon be available for adoption again to waiting list first and I also have a litter of seven babies born recently from Xena who will also be available for re-homing around November time. Ruslana is due her babies in a couple of weeks and her kittens will be available for re-homing just before Christmas. That will be the last litter this year. All kittens are firstly allocated to the tier one list and then tier two before being offered to the general public so if wanting a Druzhina siberian I highly recommend joining the waiting list as not many are available to the public. I breed based only on demand for kittens and don't have alot of kittens available. I will be looking at plans for 2013 later in the year and I will be keeping back a couple of kittens this year plus I have a new breeding female brought in from another UK breeder who has now ceased breeding so there will be some exciting plans for 2013 and no doubt some stunning kittens to look forward to. My plans will be posted on here later this year at which point the waiting list will be open. Just to point out if you decide to request a kitten from a particular mating and change your mind, please let me know asap as I normally allocate kittens on a first come first serve basis unless a specific kitten from a particular mating is required. I would strongly suggest not commiting to a particular mating, sex or colour as often a kitten chooses you and this way you will be given more choice. The only time this won't apply is if you are obviously unable to take a kitten on a given date. please note if you are unable to collect your kitten within 1 week of the due leaving date a small care charge will be put inplace for each extra week they are here. Holding onto a kitten for alittle longer is not a problem if needed. Upddates and pictures of available kittens will be coming soon. The waiting list for kittens does fill up quickly so please get intouch if wanting to go on the list to avoid an overly long wait. Kitten demand seems to be greater at the beginning and later part of the year I have found so this will also affect waiting times.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Litter I - Dahlia and Boris babies

It been a hectic few weeks here and I would like to firstly apologise to the potential owners waiting for these pictures. I have been extremely busy with work,new kittens and organising a house move that pictures have had to take a back seat. These pictures were taken at 8 weeks old but the babies are now 11 weeks old. They look very similar now but slightly bigger and are doing well. They had their first vaccines 1 weeks ago and will have their 2nd along with neutering and microchipping in two weeks. I hope for thee kittens to be able to go to new homes from the 16th of September. This litter is very sweet and a pleasure to have and ofcourse very pretty like all of Dahlia's kittens. They are into all sorts of mischief now and love to investigate every area of the house and play. All of the litter are available for adoption apart from Ieron or fighter as you all may know him. He will not be ready for rehoming for quite some time to him needing further surgery after which time he will either stay here or go to a very close friend. He has been an inspiration and will be hard to let go of and he has an amazing character to match his good looks. The kittens will firstly be available to people on the waiting list after which time any remaining kittens will be offered for rehoming to people who are not on my waiting list. If you have a particular interest in one of these kittens and are not on my waiting list please do get intouch as the kitten may still be available. So here are the gang along with their pedigree Russian names and meanings: Druzhina Ieron (fighter)meaning blessed, Brown mackerel tabby male, STAYING
Druzhina Irina: meaning peace, brown mackerel tabby female RESERVED FOR SUSAN
Druzhina Isidora: meaning Egyptian goddess, Black silver mackerel tabby female, RESERVED FOR JULIE AND KEITH
Druzhina Iaromir: meaning glorious light, Blue silver mackerel tabby male RESERVED FOR CAROLE AND ROBERT
Druzhina Innokentii: meaning Innocent, Black silver mackerel tabby male, RESERVED FOR SUSAN
Druzhina Isaak: meaning laughter, Black silver mackerel tabby male RESERVED FOR CATHY
Druzhina Igumen: meaning father superior, Black silver mackerel/shaded tabby male AVAILABLE

Monday, 27 August 2012

New addition.... breeding female

I got back from collecting my new breeding female yesterday. It was a long trip but she is finally home.... Introducing Emerald Kingdom Adrianne, father Esaya Czar mother Emerald Kingdom Tia. he is a lovely pale brown almost golden in colour brown mackerel tabby female siberian. I am very pleased with her she is very nice, good weight for a female, hefty, good coat and fantastic personality. She loves people and cuddles. At the moment she is being quarantined away from the others which she hates but this is necessary with any new cat to make sure any new addition does not introduce disease to the other even though she is in apparent good health. I hope for her to have babies next summer to either Rasputin or Boris when she is more mature but for now I will what her development and enjoy the kitten stages. She will be part of a traditional breeding program only in keeping with the breeders in her lines wishes and the breeding direction I will be taking. Nice to have a kitten here that I have not bred and with new lines this will introduce more diversity to my breeding. so here are some pictures of the little girl, they don't do her justice and will get better ones when I do litter J pictures later in the week. I will be posting updates on available kittens soon so keep checking back ... we have some stunning babies looking for homes. If wanting to adopt a Druzhina siberian baby please email me with a brief explanation of why you have chosen the breed, what you are looking for and alittle about yourself via email clareferris27@yahoo.co.uk

Friday, 17 August 2012

Buyers beware!!

Once again I having to sadly warn you all of potential scammers on line advertising siberian kittens for sale. I often see adverts from private sellers with stolen pictures or text and unrealistic prices or for even kittens that are siberian lookalikes with no pedigree. I have once again come across an advert on pets for homes advertising fluffy siberians for sale at £110 each and noticed one of the pictures was of my beautiful Ruslana as a kitten. This picture was taken by her breeder in america and has obviously been stolen from her site. have alerted breeder but also wanted to give people looking for a siberian kitten some advice. The stolen picture in quesstion:
So here is what you should be looking for when choosing your breeder or kitten: . Always go to a registered breeder and insist on visiting the kitten before handing over any substantial amount of money. sometimes a deposit will be needed to reserve a kitten from a reputable breeder but they would never ask for the full amount upfront without offering a visit. .Ask questions about them and the kittens, do they have a website? . beware of really cheap kittens, normally you will pay between £400-£600 for a pet siberian anything drastically different should ring alarm bells. . Always ask to see proof of parents pedigrees and breeder registration documents etc do not buy a kitten without documents as the chances of it bring a full pedigree are going to be slim. . does the breeder seem interested in where the kitten is going and knowledgeable with the kittens best interests at heart? . never buy a kitten before 13 weeks old and always buy one that has been fully vaccinated. know what to look for in a healthy kitten and always buy from a breeder who rears them in the home and socialised them, never caged or outside. . never accept an offer for the breeder to drop the kitten to you if you have not seen where it has been rasied or met the breeder before. Just a few pointers but you can gain alot more information from my website adopting a kitten page. I find it a real shame that people like that exist, I have had a couple of cases this year of people contacting me who have been scammed in this way and lost money, heart breaking for them and frustrating for reputable breeders like myself who invest alot of time money and love into their hobbies of breeding beautiful pedigrees for others to enjoy. These adverts are becoming increasingly popular and whilst I could say avaoid these free advertising sites and go only to breeder websites there have been cases of fake websites being made for scams. I do advertise on these sites but I will always direct people to my website also. Another important point to mention is there has been a case not so long ago of a breeder being banned by the GCCF from breeding siberians for various reasons one being the sale of non vaccinated sick kittens. This person still has a website and is still breeding but now registers with another registry. So again abit of a minefield when it comes to choosing a good breeder but when you do find one it is well worth the wait and effort. Siberian cat club is a good place to start to find a breeder in your area who is registered. Good luck with your search for your perfect kitten. I would like to say that I have quite a few kittens available in various colours betwen now and the end of september so please contact me for more information. I will post pictures of all of them soon.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New addition

Well I have just got back from a trip to visit a new baby that will be joining Druzhina in a couple of weeks. She is 11 weeks old and a lovely golden brown tabby with excellent pedigree. She was an unexpected edition but one I could not pass on. I shall be bringing her home in two weeks and will then introduce her to the world. Hoping she will be a a future breeding cat next year and maybe show her if she continues to develop well. More news and pictures coming soon.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Litter H - 10 weeks old

Time is going by so quick with the babies, they are now 11 weeks old and due to have their second vaccinations in a week and the pet kittens will be neutered. They are a lovely bunch and seem to be a good size following in the footsteps of their grandmothers kittens. One girl Hostena will be joining another breeding programme and Hirdeta will be staying here a little longer for observation, she may stay with us if we are happy with her development. All kittens apart from Henka and Habrec are either reserved, optioned or under assessment. If interested in these kittens then please contact me for more details, we also have one black female available from litter G who is ready now. Litter H will be ready for new homes from 15th August. It has been brought to my attention also that information on line seems to suggest darker coloured Siberians have more allergen. I would like to point out that I am not aware of this being the case and have successfully re homed alot of darker colours including black to people with allergies. So if considering adopting a Siberian I would not be put off by this fact. Here are the last pictures of Litter H before leaving for new homes. Hirdeta, black silver mackerel tabby female, under observation
Hostena, Black mackerel torbie with white female Reserved for breeder
Huala, Black silver mackerel tabby with white female optioned
Habrec, Red silver with white male AVAILABLE
Henka, Black silver mackerel tabby with white female AVAILABLE
Hirdon,cream mackerel tabby with white male Reserved