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Friday, 6 July 2012

Litter H Dinara's babies - 5 Weeks

I have been meaning to do an update on the babies for awhile now and managed to get these pictures last week when they were five weeks old. They are all turning out to be lovely babies in a rainbow of colours, it is nice to get a mix and surprises in the litters. I had been debating the colour of the boys for awhile but have come to the conclusion that one is a cream tabby and the other a red silver male. The female torbie has also changed from silver to brown. It was hard to tell at first but she is looking more brown now. I think there are a few promising kittens in the litter and so I am keeping half back for assessment. They may become available later. They are all eating kitten food now wet and dry and fully litter trained. Very lively and playful babies. have also finally chosen names, once again in keeping with the Russian theme and them all beginning with H in this case. So here are some pictures of the gang: Druzhina Hirdeta under observation, black silver mackerel tabby female
Druzhina Huala available to waiting list, black silver mackerel tabby with white female
Druzhina Henka Available to waiting list, black silver mackerel tabby with white female
Druzhina Hostena under observation, black torbie with white female
Druzhina Habrek Available to waiting list, red silver with white male
Druzhina Hirdon under observation cream mackerel tabby with white male


  1. Hi Clare.
    What a really beautiful bunch of kittens you have and each as lovely as the next.

    Julie and Keith.

  2. Hi
    Thank you for your comment, They are a very nice bunch and so cute. I shall be intouch soon when I know what is still available for you :)

  3. They are all so beautiful. It's no wonder you're keeping so many under observation at the moment. Hostena is especially gorgeous. It may be the red patch on her forehead that does it. And of course I have a soft spot for Habrek, being a red boy. Heh, I was wondering what a cream cat would look like just the other day so now I know.

    I love the photos! The red makes a really nice contrast to the kittens.

    I'm curious, what do each of their names mean?

  4. Thank you Becca, I like Hostena too and she is my first choice for breeding, we shall see how she develops. Cream boy is just so adorable too, such a pretty boy, the pictures don't do these kittens justice. I do not know the meanings for the names as where I got them from did not state a meaning ... they are all vars of other names in russian, I chose them because I liked them :)