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Monday, 4 June 2012

Litter G: Karlisa's babies 6 weeks old

Time is flying by with these babies and they are developing very well, they are all eating by themselves wet and dry food and using the litter trays fine. All into mischief as kittens this age should be. One kitten is on hold for a show home and that is Gorislav the rest are now available for adoption ( people on my tier one waiting list will be offered preference) I will be emailing people in order of list today. Here are some lovely pictures of the kittens in their first posing session, hope you all enjoy but beware cuteness overload :) Male brown tabby, reserved for show home Male dark black smoke, Available to waiting list Female solid black with white locket, Available to waiting list male pale Black smoke, Reserved for pet home Female pale black smoke, reserved for pet home Female solid black, Available to waiting list


  1. Galina just looks like a fat fluffy ball! It's just so unbelievable adorable! I think her photos are my favourite of this set, though I do love the one of Gorislav 'roaring'. He looks like a tiny tiger! Godomir makes me think of a lion, with his fluffy face and lying down in a lot of the pictures and Grigorii just looks fascinated by everything with his wide eyes. Glafira looks a bit wary of the camera but no less adorable and of course I love Galusha! Still think that's an awesome name and she is quite the darling.

    You're right, that was a bit of a cuteness overload. =)

  2. thanks again both of you, always nice comments from you Becca, im sure you are a siberian fan by now :) they are a lovely bunch, hard to fault any of them in looks or temperament :) they had their first trip down stairs into the big wide world today and they all had fun :) Glafira was alittle shy at first but soon came round, I have to say she is my favourite out of the girls such a cutie, I have a soft spot for her as she was the smallest at birth and is alittle fighter competing with her bigger siblings, such a wonderful character too :)

  3. Your right Clare, all are so very cute never seen kittens like this before.

    Julie & Keith.

  4. Thank you Julie nothing compared to how they look in real life im sure you cannot wait to meet them all :) I would quite happily spend my day kissing and cuddling them all, they are sooo cute :)

  5. They are all so cute but of course my fav is Gorislav, can't wait to meet him.

    Stella x

  6. Thank you Stella not long now and you will :)

  7. Such cute fluffy bundles, one of my friends thought Godomir was posing for a calendar shoot when i showed her the photos above ;-)

    Elaine ( & John)

  8. :) he loves attention and is quite the confident boy... you will love him im sure :)