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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cattery news and available kittens

I thought I should do a brief update so far as it has been a busy year so far and some exciting news to come. Firstly little fighter as I like to call him from Dahlia's litter is doing well after his operation and growing. I am very pleased he seems to be well and hope he continues to do so. I have two kittens currently available for adoption and they are two black females from litter G (Karlisa's babies). They are ready to leave middle of July and will be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered before leaving here (pet home only). Available girls: Litter G will be going for their first vaccinations on tuesday so I hope they will all be brave. Litter H are also doing well and I am watching the females carefully for future breeding. There are two nice kittens a red/silver boy and a tortie female who are looking very promising at the moment. I hope to get some pictures of this litter in the next week or so. Some of thee kittens will be available at a later date but for now are being assessed. I have a possible unexpected new addition joining the cattery in a couple of months, a lovely brown tabby female. I will post further news once she is secured and of course pictures. One of our kittens from Ellie's litter F earlier in the year went to join Denise at Midnightstar siberians a couple of weeks ago and that was Druzhina Filimon Feofan a solid black male. He will be one of her stud boys for next year and I look forward to seeing some wonderful babies from him. This is the first time we have sold a cat for breeding so it is exciting to see Ellie and Boris baby contributing to someone elses breeding program. Thank you Denise for giving him a loving home and hope you enjoy him. Rasputin sired his last litter 5 weeks ago with Belle and has now been retired for the rest of the year. He has sired three litters this year and been an excellent stud boy so he now has a much deserved break to recuperate. I hope to take him out to some shows later in the year all being well. His son Gorislav will also be going to a show/pet home and will hopefully be joining him later in the year at shows. He is a lovely boy and hope he can follow in his mothers footsteps and gain atleats a QGC title (this is my first kitten sold for showing also). Belle was scanned a couple of days ago and I am pleased to say she has atleast six kittens. This is her first litter at two years old and I am expecting a mix of silver tabbies, silver shaded, Brown tabbies and possible goldens/smoke kittens. This litter is expected to arrive middle of July ( proud parents below Belle and Rasputin). So that leaves only one more mating for this year and that is between Ruslana and Boris next month. I hope for some nice tabbies in silver or brown from this mating (future parents below). These kitten if all goes to plan will be leaving for new homes just before Christmas. I may keep a female from this mating if there is anything suitable. Boris will also have a much needed break after this mating until next year. A little later to mature than Rasputin as he was 15 months when siring his first litter as oppose to 10 months for Rasputin but both have been very good daddies and ofcourse Boris will hopefully pass on his good breeding skills to his son Filimon. Unfortunately the lovely Xena will not be having kittens as she has been unable to fall pregnant and will be spayed before the end of summer and go to a pet home. This is a shame as she is a nice big girl but I don't think she is cut out to be a mum and will be happier as a pet. If wanting to adopt a Druzhina siberian kitten this year please contact me as we will not be having many more kittens. If you have a particular colour, sex requirement then I would recommend contacting me early to avoid disappointment.


  1. I always remain surprised when you have kittens still available for adoption. Especially such cuties as Galusha and Galina. Hope they get snapped up for nice homes soon. And be brave G-babies!

    As always, I can't wait for more pictures of the H-babies. And exciting news about the possible new addition. Look forward to more details about that too.

    Good on Filimon! He is a stunning kitten. So gorgeous and black and fluffy. I'm sure he'll produce some beautiful babies in years to come.

    Well done Rasputin. He's worked so hard and produced in gorgeous babies thus far! I look forward to his and Belle's. Hopefully he enjoys his rest. Boris too when he gets his. Can't wait to see what kittens from Ruslana are like.

    It's such a shame about Xena since she is so beautiful. I hope you find a really lovely home for her at the end of the summer.

  2. Give the Little G's a hug from us for getting their first Jabs, sure they will all be little brave soldiers.

    Bet you are needing a huge rest after these busy months

    Elaine & John x

  3. Glad to hear your little man is doing so well.

    Filimon (Bob to us,, don't ask! lol) is settling beautifully. He is a huge boy who is very content and loving. I have become his bonded slave. He is a pleasure to have around, thanks for letting us have him.

    Looking forward to seeing your new babies grow

    Denise xx

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments, certainly been a buy year but alot more sucessful than previous years when it comes to having kittens so I cannot complain, unfortunately I will not get my rest until christmas time :)G babies are into all sorts of mischief, I hope there new owners are prepared for lots of antics. Becca I find the solid/smoke kittens are not as known or sought after as the lighter colours and the tabbies and because I produce alot of this colour I do always tend to have the odd ones still available but these girls are lovely and Galusha is good enough for showing. Saying that Grigorii is going to someone who wanted a silver tabby female but after seing his pictures fell in love so you could not get more opposite. I always say don't be fixated on colour as until you see them your can easily change your mind.
    Thanks Denise, judging by Ellie's past male babies I think he will be a good size for you when mature and I am glad he character is still as brilliant as it was when here. Im sure he is having lots of fun :)