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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Re HCM post

It has come to my attention that another breeder has commented on my post re HCM testing claiming the information is inaccurate. When posting the info I accidently described the HCM gene as a non dominant gene of which I have corrected but all other information is correct. I have not gone into alot of detail on the subject as the post was merely to inform others of the results from the scanning I had done. If people wish to gather more information on the subject then this can be found online or by asking your vet. I have previously posted a link to Siberian research centre and info can be found by clicking here on wikipedia and scroll down to related disorders for information of the disease in cats, feline advisory bureau also has information.

With regards PKD (polycystic kidney disease) whilst this may not be a disease that originated from this breed it has been reported in the breed from persian blood. Some pedigrees way back may have used persians as outcrosses for a rounder head or fuller coat and early pedigree records may not be correct and so although not common it could be a problem in some lines as we don't know what is in the early pedigrees is accurate.

I have chosen to test my cats for conditions I feel may be appropriate others may choose to or not but I would like other breeders to refrain from posting negative comments about what im doing. It is common place in Europe and other parts of the world for people to scan their cats hearts as a preventative measure to help pick up HCM early before it becomes a problem in the lines. Relying on pedigrees is not fool proof as pedigrees may not be correct and since not all cases are reported by breeders/owners not all the information is available.

There is a genetic test available in certain breeds i.e maine coons that can pick up genes known to cause a problem but this is not validated for the siberian and as yet there is no genetic test available, there are also believed to be more than one gene responsible for HCM and so even if a test becomes available it may not guarantee all cats that have the potential to develop HCM will be identified. So unfortunately the only accurate way to determine how the heart is functioning is via echocardiogram (ultarasound scanning) not genetic/blood testing.


  1. Clare - I think it is important to say that there is no DNA test available for the Siberian - and whilst there is for Ragdoll and Maine Coon - this isn't providing totally reliable - Whilst we all very much hope that a reliable DNA test will become available, until then, we either test our cats - via scanning - or choose not to. That is one's choice - but personally, like you, I feel it is important that we do the best we can to ensure that our cats and kittens are healthy.

    I think it's also important that we each realise that early pedigrees may well have contained Persian (and other Breeds in probability), therefore we can't be fully certain of what we may have. IF we choose to test, and we can't dictate that everyone should of course, but if we, personally test, then we ourselves are sure that we are doing as much as possible.

    Until there is true open-ness with regard to people actually admitting problems - it will be hard for SRI to completely determine how best to move forward.

    I think whilst we may all have our own thoughts and visions - it is important that we do try and refrain from bickering - and as I've already said - I do support your testing.

    Lesley x

  2. This is not a negative comment it's an informative one.
    Echocardiograms are not the ONLY accurate way to detect HCM.
    There is another less invasive method of testing for HCM. Perhaps you could check out the IDEXX Laboratory. They screen for HCM and other cardiac problems.
    It's a blood test a called Pro BNP(TM). My vet will not perform an echo before getting this blood test carried out.
    Although echo scanning is the usual way to test for HCM it is not the only way and is less accurate than the BNP screening. This is not a genetic blood test.
    If you or your vet are in any doubt I suggest you contact IDEXX as I did.

  3. Thankyou both for your comments, Jackie I had seen the Pro BNP test advertised by Idexx when it first came out and I thought great a blood test to pick up early heart disease but I vaguely remember reading something that said it was not suitable for screening if my memory serves me right, I will have to get more info from them and see exactly what its about. Maybe it can be used along side scanning??? im not sure? As for other blood tests i.e gene tests I don't think they are reliable in our breed.

    Thankyou Lesley and its nice to see more people are also testing for this condition. Its a difficult one to control due to its nature but hopefully if we all cooperate we can go some way into reducing the prevalence of it in future.

  4. In terms of the ProBNP(TM) test - as we are having a lecture re HCM in the middle of November, this is something which we will be asking the expert Cardiologist - as so far, information seems to be contradictory - i.e., as Jackie has shown regarding her Vet, who will use this test first - but others appear to disregard this test. SO - we need a clear definitive comment from the experts on this - and after 16 November, hopefully I will have clarified this all - I'm not disputing the information which Jackie has posted - but feel its prudent that the question is asked of the experts - and that way we then have full clarity.

    The roving reporter will let you know the results of questioning!

  5. Well I have spoke to Idexx and a cardiologist at Liverpool Uni today and both say quite different things. The test according to Idexx can be used as a screening aid in cats who are not showing signs of heart problems. The test looks at a hormone which is found in the blood when the cardiac wall is stretched i.e HCM. The uni have also said it may be useful alongside scanning but feel there is not enough known about the test to warrant it as a stand alone as it may not pick up all cases. So again no definitive answer. They have said it would be useful to run the test along with a scan and compare results. Will be interesting to see what the experts say Lesley so do let us know ;)
    It would cetainly be nice to just do a blood sample but I have to say the scanning was not too stressful for my cats and was done conscious.

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  7. Thank you for the above comment but my post is in relation to cardiac disease in cats not people ;)