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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Firework fears

Well its that time of year again when fireworks will soon be going off and it can be a troublesome time for pets. Below are some helpful tips to help cats who have a fear of fireworks.

Ideally at least one week before the event:

1/ I deally keep your cat confined to the house and provide a litter tray
2/Make sure the cat has some form of identification incase they do escape
3/ Use a plug in Feliway diffuser in the room your cat uses to rest
4/ Make sure there are plenty of bolt holes and places to hide inside the home

On the day of the event:

1/ Check the cat is definitely inside the house before dark an that escape routes to the outside are blocked.
2/ Create a darkened room and put some music on or the TV to drown out the firework noise
3/ Wherever the cat chooses to hide leave them well alone until they feel safe enough to emerge
4/ Do not punish or fuss your cat during the event
5/ Stay calm and act normally

After the Event

1/ Leave the Feliway diffuser plugged in for at least one week after the event
2/ If similar events are likely to happen over a number of nights maintain a Feliway Diffuser throughout the whole period

Feliway contains a synthetic analogue of the facial feline pheromone which cats deposit ont objects in their environment when they feel safe and secure. In the context of fireworks, Feliway is used to increase the sense of familiarity and security of the home environment which reduces a cats fearfulreactions to loud noises.
For more information on FELIWAY contact your vet.

More information available at www.feliway.uk.com. This product has many uses i.e when moving home, adding a new pet, scratching or spraying behaviour etc.


  1. Suki (Daromila) didn't seem to mind it too much in the end - she was a bit unsettled but I think the feliway helped (and a bit of the fish and chips that we were having!)

  2. haha food always helps but that was not mentioned for some reason .lol Well she is very confident I don't think much will ever scare her :) Yes a few owner have carried on using the feliway I gave them so I guess it came in handy !