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Friday, 16 September 2011

Last pictures of the babies before leaving here

Well I decided whilst I have been off work this week and had more time to do some nice groups shots of the babies that are still here all but one of Dahlia's lot will be leaving here on Sunday for their new homes. All are going in groups of two which is always nice so they will have company. I have decided not to keep any of Dahlia's kittens this year as I want to see how they progress and follow them for their first year. Being a smaller cat her kittens are not as big as others we have had in the past but what they lack in size they make up for in extreme beauty and I have to say this litter has produced some of the most beautiful kittens I have had so far. Her silvers are astonishing and although there is a little gold in the coat the colour is a very pretty pale silver. They are getting lighter and lighter (see Edessi) as the weeks go by and some may even be shaded silvers (see Evangel). The gold gene has this effect on silver and can produce some stunning cats.

Ellies lot that are still here are doing well, I am keeping Dinara the black silver torbie as I like her type and her temperament is outstanding, she is a total sweetheart that never stops purring and very friendly and loves cuddles. I had initially wanted a blue female but have decided her sisters type is better for breeding. It is very hard knowing which kittens to keep for breeding and often is a case of weighing up their good points. Daromila is very beautiful but alittle more independent and confident liking to play and be involved in all sorts of mischief. She now has a home and will be leaving here late October as her owners are on holiday so we get to keep her that little longer.

The two boys are now available again (Domino and Evangel)due to me declining an adoption request so if you feel you can offer them a loving pet home please get intouch. They are quite the opposite as you will see in the pictures, little and large I like to call them as Domino is one of the biggest kittens and Evangel the smallest. The size difference is quite astounding really considering there is only 9 days between them but then Ellie's boys always tend to be quite big and at over 2kg he is a it of a heavy weight.

Hope you like the pictures, it was very difficult getting pictures of two kittens at the same time especially when all they wanted to do was eat the feathers, some are better quality than others and thats because some where better behaved :) These will be the last pictures of the babies and I will truely be sad to see them go. The kittens that have gone to new homes seem to be settling well and not missing their life here one bit by all accounts!

Epifanii and Edessi:

Elisaveta and Elisei:

Domino and Evangel Available boys

Dinara and Daromila:


  1. Love the photos Clare - all beautiful babies, loving Elisaveta x

  2. They are all just so gorgeous. I'm going to miss seeing all the photos you post. Glad to hear all the kittens that have already gone are apparently right at home. Hopefully it will be the same for the ones leaving soon.

    The difference between Domino and Evangel is staggering! Evangel just looks so tiny and nowhere near as fluffy. Both are very cute though (even though I've already said Domino is my favourite) =)

  3. Thankyou both, I will miss all of them when they are gone, they have been a pleasure to have around, I won't know what to do with myself, although a nice break is what I need. Becca I will be sure to post update pics of the kittens when I get them so you will still get to see them and hopefully more babies on the way soon.

  4. can't wait to see Daromila again, getting very excited now :)


  5. Hi Fiona yes I will be in touch soon about another visit, she is doing great and as you can see looking very pretty, her eyes are the most amazing copper colour I have never seen on a blue cat before ... it really was a tough call on which girl to keep :)

  6. Clare, the kittens are stunning, especially Domino... and so is Demitrii here (or Kuro as we call him now :D) he is growing big already, about 2.2kg when we weighed him a few days ago and at first liked to curl up in our fruit bowl but can barely fit now! He is still a little skittish, especially around strange people, but gets to be quite mischievous when he's feeling confident. I'll send you some photos via email later so you can continue to post about his progress on your blog. :)

  7. Katy's housemate Neil here. Dimitri's (pet name Kuro) been living with us almost 2 weeks now, and is also a big boy, weighed in at about 2.2kg yesterday! The URL on this post (my name) is my gallery of pics and videos of him, which I try to update daily. Feel free to stop by and enjoy !

  8. Thankyou both I cannot see anything on the link neil? I will check my emails soon, yes he was alittle shyer than the rest and I suppose without the backup of his litter mates it can be quite scary meeting new people. Efrem went last week and he is very much the opposite and cannot wait to jump up on peoples knee's for cuddle, Domino is much the same, funny how different they all are!

  9. Ah, your blog decided to morph a couple of 'special' characters in it. Try this one and clicking through to the Kuro album.

  10. Lovely to see him neil and he is getting to be big, seems he likes to sleep anywhere possible, he looks so settled, thanks :)