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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Introducing our new stud cat

I thought its was time I introduced my new male who will hopefully be joining me here in January. He will along with Boris be the father to our kittens for hopefully a good few years. He is the first import cat of mine and a traditional brown mackerel tabby who possibly carries golden, although we cannot be sure of that until we have done some test matings. A few of our girls carry gold and ofcourse we have Dahlia who is golden so we will hopefully see some lovely golden kittens here next year. I have waited over a year for this male to be born and am very impressed with him so far. He is still a baby at present and has alot of maturing to do but I love his expression and his pedigree is wonderful. He has some lovely famous foundation cats in his pedigree mainly Yasha, Richard, Elis and also the wonderful Busik, Khariton Angara and Marius sarji. His mother is a wonderful example of the breed and often coming out as top siberian when shown and his grandfather is a wonderful traditional boy direct from Russia. I won't reveal where he is coming from until he is here but will share a few pictures with you all.

So here is the gorgeous man at 6 weeks old.


  1. Oh, cute! He looks like a little tiger. :)

  2. Lovely to see him Clare, and I bet that you can't wait to get him here. I'm sure he'll be a great asset to your breeding program. Congratulations x

  3. Congrats Clare! He is stunning! Really handsome. He will be an asset to your breeding program for sure. Very exciting indeed. Does he have a name yet ;-) xx

  4. Thanks everyone.... I love him lots and can't wait to have him here, he is alittle chunk with very dense coat and huge boning, no name as yet, we are still deciding :)

  5. Congratulations! Look at those paws! He is a gorgeous boy. Looking forward to more pictures/updates x x

  6. Thanks Denise, I know they are big, I had a future pet owner email to say she can't believe the size of them either. I hope he continues to develop well :)

  7. His paws are fab and those eyes, you'd swear he was talking to you.

    Wish you all the best with him for the future x

  8. you should call him Caesar...he has a regal attitude in that expression!

  9. Thanks guys, yes fab paws and look, maybe caesar can be his pet name :)