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Friday, 19 August 2011

Dahlia babies: Litter E 9 weeks old

Here are some pictures of the babies at 9 weeks old. They are looking stunning and all have great characters. They went for their first shots on Monday and all were very well behaved and brave. The vet (my boss) loved them all but in particular Elsei's colour and Elisaveta's face. They did sleep alittle more that night but were soon back to their normal playfulness the following day. All of these kittens are reserved apart from one, Evangel. He is a little sweetheart and so friendly. He seeks out human company and is the first to come and sit on your knee, he will quite happily just sit there for hours purring away. He is developing well and although the smallest at birth he has more than caught up in weight and has the biggest appetite out of all the kittens cleaning off all the leftovers. If you think you can offer a loving pet home to this gorgeous boy please contact me. I do plan on one maybe two more litters this year but they won't be ready to leave until next year now so these are the last kittens available in 2011. All my kittens are well socialised in the home, handled alot for cuddles and also nail clipping, worming, brushing etc. They are fully weaned and litter trained and have been for many weeks now and have lovely characters just like their parents. They also go with everything having been done including microchipping and neutering and an extensive kitten pack and lifelong breed and vetcare advice.

You will also notice than Epifanii has gained an extra name of Evfaliia meaning luxury in russian, her first name meaning praised. She certainly is just that a little luxury that will be praised and treasured. As you may know she is staying here at Druzhina to hopefully carry on her mothers trate of producing outstandingly beautiful babies and will hopefully have her first litter next summer. Double barrel names are a trait here that are reserved for breeding cats. It was a hard decision with the girls in this litter as both are really nice and I think Lizzy would have been suitable for breeding but I did not want to have both go for breeding at this stage plus she had a lovely owner who really wanted her so unfortunately I had to pick one and chose what a felt was a rarer colour as both have good type.

So here are the lovely bunch:

Elisei- pale blue silver mackerel tabby, Reserved for Jacqueline

Epifanii Evfaliia - blue tortie smoke female staying here

Elisaveta - black silver torbie female reserved for Jacqueline

Evangel - black silver mackerel tabby male Available

Edesii - black silver mackerel tabby male Reserved for Abi

Efrem - black silver mackerel tabby male Reserved for Kathy

Eros - black silver mackerel tabby male Reserved for Abi


  1. Gorgeous babies Clare - lovely and chunky x

  2. Thankyou... they are a pleasure to have :)