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Monday, 11 July 2011

Re inbreeding post

I would just like to say that the last post about inbreeding seems to have stirred up a bit of a debate over inbreeding with other breeders. I would like to point out the differences here. Inbreeding is breeding of two closely related cats i.e mother and son or siblings, the closest form of inbreeding you can get. Line breeding is the breeding of cats who may have one or two common ancestors in their pedigree but are not too closely in bred. I realise there has to be a certain amount of line breeding to fix type and produce good cats and this I do not have a problem with if the lines are apparently healthy. I personally don't like close inbreeding as I think problems can occur over time with reduced immune function, less hybrid vigour, reduced fertility etc.
I know some breeders may be offended at my post and it was not intended to cause offence but I see things slightly differently. Working in the veterinary profession I constantly see animals plagued with hereditary ailments caused by bad genes and careless inbreeding. Whilst we need to improve the overall health of the cats this should not be over shadowed by show success and external beauty. I would like to say that there are many breeders here and abroad who work hard to be responsible and are careful about what they mate together and that is to be encouraged. The article was posted to make pet owners aware of repeated close inbreeding and the harmful effects over time. Most pet owners will take a breeders word if they say it is fine that their kitten is inbred but we have a duty to protect the public and cats. I would hate to see the siberian fall into the same trap as some other more established breeds, plagued with hereditary illness.

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