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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Litter E: three weeks old

Dahlia's babies are three weeks old now and all seven are doing well. She has done a brilliant job rearing her big litter and considering she has not done this before she is so attentive and always feeding or cleaning them and of course snuggling up with them. This litter are now in the kitten room with Ellie's and so you can imagine the fun I'm having with 12 kittens. Both mums are very laid back and have accepted each others babies and they are mixing well and playing with each other. Their is a little size difference of course but the smaller ones have big characters and love a rough and tumble with the older kittens.

They are gaining weight well and all feeding from mum without any assistance. Their weights range from 310g to 410g with the biggest being the dark silver tabby boy. The smallest is a silver male who I think was the smallest at birth and the girls are somewhere in the middle. The pictures are showing off their colour well and they have gone a lot lighter in the legs. The blue silver tabby boy is very pale for his age and I think will be a stunning colour when fully grown. The blue smoke female has a very round sweet face and reminds me a little of a mouse. She has the biggest round eyes I have seen in a kitten, she is very cute, in fact they all are. Three of the boys are very similar and hard to tell apart at the moment. You can see the last three boys are almost identical. I have not chosen names yet but will do in the next week or so. They will all have russian names beginning with 'E' of course. It was quite difficult getting good pictures as they are at the difficult age where they won't stay still but are too young to be distracted with toys so I had to take ALOT of pictures to get just a few decent shots.

So here they all are :

The girls:

Brown torbie female.

Blue tortie smoke female:

Blue silver tabby male:

Dark Black silver tabby male (1):

Black silver tabby male with gold tarnish (2):

Lighter Black silver tabby male with a little gold tarnish (3):

Black silver tabby male with gold tarnish (4):


  1. Such adorable kittens Clare.
    Your pictures are just beautiful and really show them off.
    I wouldn't describe those boys as silver with gold tarnish but silver with gold highlights !!!

    A much more attractive and accurate description.x

  2. Thanks Jackie, took a long time to do both litters but I like the pictures with the little white satin bucket they look very cute sitting in them, Ellies where just too big for it though :( and yes good point... they have highlights :)

  3. Hi Clare, stunning pictures of a beautiful litter! You have outdone yourself with the photos this time- they look like they should be on a hallmark card! Just gorgeous!!!

    The colours are all coming out nicely now. They are all so cute but I think my favourites are still the dark silver boy and they torbie female :-) Please give them all a kiss and cuddle from me :-). Xx m

  4. Hi Melanie thank you very much for the lovely compliment, maybe I will look into selling some :) Yes they are getting lighter as they grow and coming on well,I like those two to and they have that wild but sweet look... mummy and babies say hi to granny :)

  5. Great pictures, gorgeous babies !! - I know what you mean about hard to take at this age! I find it near impossible :) xx

  6. Thankyou Denise yes very difficult as they are so quick, I think it a case of patience and being quick with the shots.lol