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Saturday, 30 July 2011

litter E Dahlia's kittens : 6 weeks

The babies are all doing well and growing well. They are an adorable little bunch that are very friendly and love playing. They are all eating on their own and using the litter tray. They have had an interesting week meeting new people and animals. They were not too keen seeing the dogs for the first time but are getting used to them but they are a little scary to them. I have to say I am very pleased with how they are turning out. Their weights range from 630g-780g. Lizzy is the smallest and epifanii being the biggest girl on par with the other girls in Ellie's litter. She is a little chunk and never stops eating. The biggest is Eros at 780g. I have to say I do have a couple of favourites in this litter but it is very hard to choose as they are all beautiful. I am loving Elsei's colour it is a beautiful pale blue/silver. Edesii is looking very pretty and I love his little mane he is getting. I know boys are not supposed to be pretty but he is a pretty boy most definitely compared with Eros who looks very much male.

My favourite though is Epifanii who I think is absolutely stunning. I have loved her look from day one with her big round eyes but have to say she is developing very well. I was not planning on keeping any girls from this litter but this girl makes my heart melt when I look at her she has got to be the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen, even more beautiful than her mother at that age if that is possibe, so im afraid she is staying here a little longer for observation. Her colour is very rare and I have only seen a couple of kitten of blue smoke colour in this breed. I am not aware of any in breeding in the U.K. at the moment.

So here are these beautiful babies...Enjoy!

Elisei, blue silver mackerel tabby male, reserved for Jacqueline.

Epifanii, blue cream tortie smoke female, under observation maybe staying

Elisaveta, black silver mackerel torbie female, reserved for Jacqueline

Evangel, black silver mackerel tabby with gold male, available

Edesii, black silver mackerel tabby male reserved for Abi

Efrem black silver mackerel tabby male, reserved for Kathy

Eros dark silver mackerel tabby male, reserved for Abi


  1. Please can you forward photos of Efrem (& Eros) too?
    Thank you.

  2. hi Kathy they are now on there :)

  3. Gorgeous Clare - they are looking lovely xx

  4. Sorry Clare! I jumped the gun with my last comment. I must have been looking at them as you were posting the last two. Little Efrem is looking sooooo cute!
    Thank you.

  5. No problem Kathy, yes I had to upload in bits as my computer was playing up and it took me three goes to upload so I had the do in stages....well nice to know you are eagerly waiting for pictures of your little boy. He is doing very well and a little chunk, a very sweet boy which you will see when you come to visit soon :)

  6. They are all totally adorable Clare! Lovely pics once again too. Really gorgeous! Makes me want to have kittens again soon! Xx

  7. Thanks Melanie....they are growing so fast. its been awhile for you I guess so can understand where you are coming from :)