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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Litter D: Four weeks old

Well these babies are coming along great and are having a great time exploring the kitten room and playing with their new toys. They were introduced to a litter tray last week and most seem to be getting the hang of it already. They are not too keen on kitten milk or food yet and prefer to drink out of mums water bowl. I think they copy mum alot and she won't drink the milk so neither will they. Given time they will master the art of eating solids especially when mum reduces the amount of time she will allow them to feed off her. They also experienced the hoover whilst in a cat carrier in the kitten room today which they were not too thrilled about, but it all adds to their socialisation which is important. They often have the radio on so they are used to background noise also. They are all gaining weight well and all over 500g now with the boys being slightly bigger than the girls but there is not much in it.

I am liking the look of these kittens alot and they are all very sweet natured. Ellie had lovely babies last year and this year they seem to be following in their foot steps. Both girls are under observation at present and although I am hoping the blue torbie will turn out nice and stay here I have to say I am very impressed with the silver torbie girl. She is looking slightly better and has a better coat at present, great boning,nice broad chest and barrel shaped body, nice ear set and eye shape and a good head and muzzle. Her profile is not as good as the other girl but overall her look is very nice. If she continues to develop well I will consider letting her go to a reputable registered breeder. If you have an interest in this girl then please contact me and I will bare you in mind. She is a black silver mackerel torbie with white carrying colourpoint, dilute and solid. She should give a nice mix of colours in her kittens with the right male. Her mother has been a great mum having good sized litters and no birthing problems.

So here are their pictures:
The girls:

Dinara, Black silver mackerel torbie with white, under assessment for breeding.

Daromila, blue silver mackerel torbie, under assessment maybe staying here

The boys:

Demetri black smoke with white male, possibly optioned

Dorofei blue silver mackerel tabby with white male, reserved as pet for Lisa

Dalemir black smoke male, available as pet


  1. Gorgoeus babies Clare. Love Dinara, very nice girl. They're all looking great though. Once again great pics too. xx

  2. Lovely to watch them grow - and I'm always fascinated by the Smoke Sib. Lovely babies - :)

  3. Lovely babies Clare - love Dinara too - they are coming on great xxx

  4. Thank you both, Dinara is lovely but they all are and yes the smokes are nice too.

  5. thanks Denise its amazing how quickly they grow :)

  6. Awww... Still loving Dalemir, can't believe how quickly they're growing.

  7. Thanks, yes Claire they are doing well and getting big...