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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Litter D: Ellie's babies 6 weeks old

Well here they are at 6 weeks of age and they are coming on brilliantly. They are all eating well and using the tray fine and very lively. They weigh between 660g-710g at the moment. They have been introduced to a few things this week including the hoover, the dogs and have even had a peep outside through the window only. They have been introduced to various recorded noises like the washing machine, loud bangs and fireworks etc so there is no chance of them being noise phobic. There are two kittens in this litter available, the black smoke with white boy who is very sweet and lively, he is always on the move but very well mannered also, he is available to a pet home only. The black silver torbie female is available also but I would like to see her go to a breed home as I think she is looking very nice, not as lively as the blue girl but still quite playful and sweet and very gentle. Please contact me for further information on this girl who will only go to other registered breeders or someone new who also plans to become registered. Stud service will be available here next year for her for new breeders only.

So here they are:

Black silver torbie with white female Dinara (available as breeder)

Black smoke with white male Demitri : Available

Blue tabby and white male Domino : Reserved for Lisa

Blue torbie female Daromila : under assessment

Black smoke male Dalemir : reserved for Claire


  1. All looking gorgeous Clare - Dinara is looking nice xx

  2. Thankyou, yes I think she will be a nice girl hence why im letting her go for breeding if you know of anyone :) Had a couple of enquiries but none im happy with :(

  3. I think my next girl may be a torbie - I am really liking them :) not till next year though :( xx

  4. Yes you get a nice mix of colours in the kittens, I would keep her but I have enough silver tabbies, plus im liking blue :)

  5. Nice litter, and yes its nice to have a mix of colours, its a nice surprise to see them when they are born...I as you know normally have brown tabby's, so will be looking forward to my silver tortie girl babies to see a verity of colours!

    I quite fancy a black smoke at some point :)

  6. Thankyou, yes I love the mix of colours in this litter and nice to finally get some girls from Ellie. I must admit that I don't think I could handle just all one colour I like a mix too but I do hope to get my first brown tabby or two soon :) black smokes are stunning when fully grown.