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Monday, 11 July 2011

further information on inbreeding

Another article from another breeder describing the differences and why it is done. Not everyone will feel comfortable with inbreeding or want to do it. As I have already said not something I would do as I feel traits can be fixed with less extreme inbreeding a term called line breeding. It is the individual breeder and pet owners choice as to what they feel comfortable with. It certainly should not be happening on a regular basis. There are pros and cons of inbreeding so it should be approached with great caution if it is to be done at all. (click on title for link)


  1. Hi Clair,
    Its certainly an emotive subject, I think its a good post for pet owners to read and try and understand a little about inbreeding, so they can make a more informed choice about a kittens they are thinking of buying.

    My mum, about 6 years ago bought a pedigree dog that was very inbred and had terrible health problems from a very young age and it was very upsetting all round. My mum at the time never really looked at the pedigree or understood inbreeding at all, needless to say she does now!

    I also fully understand a breeder aim to set type and if its done responsibly and after great consideration about the risks associated and the pro's to be achieved, then I agree under certain circumstance for the breeder to be able try and set a type for there breeding.
    In saying this its not something I have done personalty, as on the whole I whole completely agree in a much diversity as possible for strong health kittens, to go onto to live long lives as a pet, than that kitten with inbreeding but with say that desirable chin!...(random example)
    Good Post Clare!

  2. Hi Caroline
    thankyou for the comment. The immune system is probably one of the most important parts of any animals body systems. Without good immune function they suffer all sorts of ailments that should be fought off so we are not evening talking about hereditary disease. Inbreeding reduces the genetic diversity of an animal and also the potential different immune cellsthey will have. I read something from a Japanese bob tail breeder that was very interesting and echoed this same point. She was working with a couple of great show lines that always produced really good show cats but had trouble with illness in kittens, bad temperaments and general health. A simple measure of bringing in completely new lines solved these issues and for the first time she was having healthy litters, no need for antibiotics when young and good temperaments. She did not get as many show examples with these new lines but she got overall better health and temperaments which is very important.
    I think there needs to be a balance between the two if we are to improve type but keep good health. Siberians are very lucky in that they don't have many health issues at present but how long it will stay that way depends on the breeders not just here but world wide.