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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ellies babies are here- Litter D 4/06/2011

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our first 2011 litter from Ellie our blue point with white siberian. She went into labour around 2.30pm today and gave birth to her last kitten at around 6.30pm. The first four kittens came within 2 hours of each other but the fifth kitten arrived almost two hours later. She is now settled and has eaten and the babies have all fed well including the last little girl. All babies are apparently healthy and good weights all being 100g and over. We also have a lovely mix of sex and colours and I am pleased to say she gave birth to her first two female kittens this time. Out of two litters and 11 kittens all have been male apart from two so we were thinking we would not get a female from her. Both females are under observation for breeding at the moment. This is what we have so far in order of birth:

1x blue cream torbie female (mackerel/ possible spotted) 110g
1x black smoke male 120g
1x black smoke with white male 110g
1x blue tabby and white male (mackerel/possible spotted) 130g
1x black silver mackerel torbie with white female 100g

The other babies had fed for quite a while before weighing but the last female only had one feed hence why her weight may be alittle less than the others.

Here are some brief pics whilst they were being weighed, apologise as not great quality.

Blue torbie female:

Black smoke male:

Black smoke with white male:

Blue tabby and white male:

Black silver torbie with white female:


  1. Lovely to see them Clare - they are all beautiful! Liking your blue boys facial markings :) Congratulations x

  2. congratulations, and well done to Ellie!
    Your blue silver girl will be a tortie as dad is red....the red will be cream, colour will probably develop later X

  3. Congrats!, nice sized litter and colours all the babies look very cute! x

  4. Hi Guys thanks for the comments, mum and babies all doing well. Shirley I had not even thought about the fact she may be tortie as she does not look it but having thought about it genetically I guess all females from a red male will be won't they? so I had a close look in daylight and she does seem to have pale cream flecks but they are not as noticeable as her dominant coloured sister. How lovely a blue cream torbie, much more chance of a rainbow of colours with her :) thanks

  5. Congratulations Clare! Beautiful kittens and such a rainbow of colours! Incredible! Great that you got some girls in there too :-) Looking forward to watching them grow. Xx m

  6. Hi Melanie, yes nice mix and all different. Got my blue girl too, just hope she develops well, well hope they all do ...im loving the white on the blues face also very unusual x