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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dahlia's babies 2 weeks old: litter E

Dahlia's kittens are coming on well and she is being wonderful with them and so attentive. She is very funny to watch as when you go to pick them up she reaches out to pull them back, so sweet. They are gaining weight well for a big litter and are all gaining even the two smaller boys with weights ranging from 230g-320g. The biggest boy is a dark silver with no gold. All have their eyes open now and are moving round more. The colours of this litter did have me baffled but think I am now starting to get to grips with them. I think we have a blue tabby boy who has the palest blue legs almost bordering on cool gold in some lights, a blue cream girl who is a slightly darker blue similar to Ellie's blues, a brown torbie female and the remaining four boys are what I think is silver tabby of varying shades. One boy is quite a dark silver with not much evidence of gold but has clear silver legs, two paler silver boys one with a little gold on head and another silver with a little more gold on face. The pictures you will see really don't show the silver well at present but it is very obvious on legs in daylight. As they get older the colours will lighten and become more obvious but for now they all look quite similar but I am starting to be able to tell them apart now by looks so hopefully I can start choosing names for these little ones now I know who is who. All males are available at present but females under observation for possible breeding.

If you are interested in adopting a beautiful Druzhina baby then please contact me via email or phone.

Email: Clareferris27@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 0151 9337042

Here are some pictures of the babies at 2 weeks old:

Silver tabby boy one:

Silver tabby boy two:

silver tabby boy three:

Dark silver tabby boy four:

Blue silver tabby boy:

Brown torbie female:

Blue cream tortie smoke female:

Some group shots with mummy, our gorgeous golden siberian


  1. Another gorgeous litter Clare.
    The group pictures of Dahlia in great condition with her chunky little brood are beautiful.
    What a great assortment of colours too. xx

  2. Beautiful pictures Clare! They are all adorable and it looks like mum is doing a great job! The boys are looking more silver now aren't they. It's hard to pick a favourite but I think mine would have to be the dark silver boy and the torbie girl, but they are all very cute :-) I love the group shots - totally adorable! Xx

  3. Thank you both they are coming on well and are getting quite chunky. I don't think they start looking kitten like until 4 weeks and onwards so difficult to get good pictures. I would agree Melanie in that type wise those two seem to be slightly better and the brown torbie girl I am really liking, she has amazing width to her chest, nice head and short, wide muzzle and good boning but the boning on the dark silver boy is the best at the moment. Will be interesting to see them grow :)

  4. Aww look at them all! they are gorgeous. love the group photos with mum xxx