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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dahlia 8 weeks pregnant

I was clearing the kitten room today where Dahlia and Xena are living and was shocked to see just how big Dahlia has gone. When you pick her up her stomach is solid and very round, she almost looks and feels like she has swallowed a football. She is 8 weeks pregnant and will be due to give birth in just over a weeks time. Judging by the size of her and her weight increase I think we have a big litter. She has gained 1.5kg since getting pregnant. In the past the girls normally gain around 1kg and have had 5-6 kittens so either she has alot of kittens or alot of fluid in there. Im very excited to see what this girl has but expect a mix of warm brown tabbies, silver tabbies, blue tabbies and possible smokes, all females will be torties in either dominant or dilute. We expect her kittens to arrive around the 13th of June. More news will follow once they arrive. To go on the waiting list for one of her babies or to enquire about Ellies kittens please contact me via email clareferris27@yahoo.co.uk or phone 0151 933 7042 (evenings and weekends only)

Here are some pictures of Dahlia's HUGE belly! note her belly has been shaven for her pregnancy scan and also to help with the kittens nursing.


  1. Wow Clare! She is looking huge!! Can't wait to see her first kittens. Looks like she may have quite a few! Not long to wait now. You are going to be busy aren't you?!!
    Xx m

  2. I'm so happy to see that Dahlia looks so well. I hope she has an easy time of it and that the kittens are all healthy.
    I have not joined the waiting list yet because it is still too soon for me. We lost our poor sweetie less than a year ago and I am still devastated. I know you should 'get back in the saddle again' but I just can't face it yet. To cheer myself, I look at yours and others' websites to see the progress of other sweet Siberians. I know that another Siberian is definitely in my future because we had such a wonderful experience with our first gorgeous boy (first cat actually) but I need to have some more space between him and the next cutie.

  3. yes she is looking very big poor girl... she still manages to jump on top of the wardrobe, I often find her and her sister asleep up there. I hope all goes well and she has a nice healthy litter and yes I will have my hands full. :)

  4. Hi Kathy
    sorry to hear you lost your kitty, its hard to accept the loss and move on sometimes. Everyone coped in different ways, some find getting another straight away helps them take their mind of things whilst others like yourself are just too upset. Im sure when the time i right you will know and your baby will jump out at you to take them home. I find it does help having another to help you get over the loss but I could not be without my siberians in my home.

  5. Dahlia is absolutely blooming Clare. Good luck, hope she has lots of beautiful healthy babies next week.xx

  6. Thanks Jackie, yes she is looking well hopefully she will be on time and have an easy delivery x