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Monday, 9 May 2011

Our expectant girls Ellie and Dahlia!

I thought whilst I had the time this week I would take some nice pictures of the pregnant girls who's babies will be due first and second week of June. Both girls are doing very well and seem in good health. I have to say that Ellie is looking particularly lovely these past few months. She will be two years old in July and she has changed so much I am quite surprised to say the least. Her head is a lot wider and her ears seems to be more in proportion, her coat texture and density is amazing, in fact I would go as far as to say she has the best coat texture of all my cats which is quite a surprise considering she is a neva and apparently they don't have good coat texture? I also find it harder judging the solid cats against tabbies because they don't have the same expression that the markings give a tabby, but I feel for a solid blue point she is looking very good. Once again I have to say that in my experience so far you can't judge a siberian properly before the age of two years as many just don't mature enough until then, some even take three years. Dahlia is still a young girl and although very pretty with an excellent tail she still needs to mature and her head to widen and to fill out as she is only just one year old. I think a litter helps alot with this. Here are the girls looking absolutely stunning, I can't wait for their babies to arrive in less than a month.




  1. My gosh Clare! Dahlia really is the spitting image of her mum! Incredible! If you put the two side by side, you'd be hard pressed to say who's who! I think though that Dahlia has a better tail- she seem's to have gotten her dad's lovely full tail :-)
    So lovely to see her. She is really glowing with her pregnancy. I can't wait to see her babies!
    Ellie is looking lovely now too. I think you are going to have some beautiful kittens from both of them :-)

    I agree about not being able to judge a sibi properly until at least two. All of our girls have looked significantly better once they are around that age. It takes a long time for their heads to widen and their bodies to fill out nicely.
    Xx Melanie

  2. Both girls are lovely, especially Ella, she look stunning!Dahlia has a cute expression and her coat colour is lovely also xx

  3. Yes she does look like her mum :) she has a great tail and I think when mature will be a nice girl, everyone say she is stunning and so she should have some real pretty babies. Ellie is the big surprise for me though, I don't know what happened with her but she seems to all of a sudden matured, she was very long and gangly with a narrow head, big ears and no coat and now wow, im so impressed with her.... I just pray I can get some girls this time and more blues :)Does make the job of choosing a kitten to keep rather difficult though, im praying for Belle to improve and her head is alittle narrow but I might have a long wait considering she is only 8 months.
    Thankyou Caroline they are both coming on a treat :)

  4. Ellie is looking good...you need to take some pics with a studio light, the points tend to look cross-eyed with the flash because of the reflection. She has come from some excellent point lines and its coming through. She has a look of Benny Belphie/Elsa http://www.siberiancatbreedersgroup.com/Belenus.html
    Happy you are pleased with her. You should find a nice point boy to pass that fab coat on. Nevas can be softer...an effect of the gene, but we are trying to improve this all the time. :) X to Ellie
    Loving Dahlia's colour....

  5. Thanks Shirley, yes I am pleased with how she is looking at the moment, I took most of the pics without a flash and used daylight bulbs in a photo tent, I think its the teaser toy I used to get her to look at the camera. I have been asked if im going to put her to a neva boy? I may try this next year, id love a tabby point, so if you can suggest any, you know I love your ollie but not sure if too close? she does remind me of benny. Hope you are pleased with her? Dahlia has a lovely colour and is very sweet :)

  6. Both gorgeous Clare - Loving Ella's coat! Dahlia is a beauty too. Looking forward to seeing their babies :) x

  7. Ellie has really matured Clare, she looks a treat. Dahlia has grown a lot too since I last saw her and is such a sweetie. Good luck with them both and I hope they have some gorgeous babies for you. x

  8. Thanks Jackie...can't wait :)x