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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Homebred stud Boris 6 months old

Introducing my handsome home bred boy Boris at 6 months of age. This boy I think is looking wonderful and maturing well. I am very pleased with his development so far and love his head and colouring. He is so adorable and cute with an amazing temperament. He still loves to talk and greet you as he did as a young kitten. I think you will agree he is going to look fantastic when mature. I truly love the smoke colouring he has along with his sisters, it is very eye catching. I hope to show this boy providing he develops well and he will hopefully sire his first litter at the end of the year. Hope you all like the pictures taken outside in the cat run today!


  1. Thankyou Denise... I am loving how he is turning out so far x

  2. Wow what a diffence a couple of months make. He's really matured Clare. He's looking very chunky and I like his head. I'd like to see him in the fur as I think I may come around to liking black smokes after all.

  3. Thank you Jackie, I wasn't sure about him when he was younger as after 5-6 wks he started to go off but I have to say he is starting to look lovely and I think will get even better by the time he is one. He is still a little long and gangly, his sister has more heft but his head is lovely and has a lovely profile. You may just get to see him in the fur very soon, but I warn you he is such a love bug you may end up smitten :)

  4. very handsome boy. He will produce some wonderful babies xx

  5. Oh - isn't he getting big - lovely to see him - and I remember Gus - when I met him - such a 'lovebug' - he was so calm and laid back. Boris appears to be exactly the same -

    Smoke is a great colour - the contrast is gorgeous - it will be lovely to watch him as he develops -


  6. Thank you both he is a lovely kitten and yes Leslie exactly like Gus in temperament but even more loving if that is possible :)

  7. Hi ,

    I love your black smoke Siberian cat…absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    Excuse my English, I am from Qu├ębec, Canada.

    We love this breed of cat and we are for a long time a ‘‘cat lover’’ family.

    We want to begin a Iittle high quality cattery of Siberian , in the respect of the breed and the cat.

    We would like to have a black smoke color, it is absolutely fantastic!!

    Is it possible to work together on our beautiful family project?

    Have a good day!