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Monday, 28 March 2011

Tica show Brigg, 2011

We took Karlisa and her baby Belle along to a tica show last weekend. This has been the first show for both since her last litter was born in September. Despite the difficulties with travelling to show we had a good weekend and it was nice to see some familiar faces. It was very tiring though as we went for 2 days and so I was glad to get home. Belle attended the saturday only and this was her first show. I was not expecting much as she is young and was up against two very nice older kittens. Unfortunately she did not make any finals but she behaved brilliantly and was very confident. Her muzzle is alittle long and profile quite straight at the moment.

Karlisa did well in what was a difficult show with quite a high cat count and some stunning cats. People did comment on how well she looked despite having had babies not too long ago. She is developing well and will be three in June so she is almost reaching maturity. There were two siberian adults in show. She gained the following awards:

Best in colour, division and best of breed in all 10 rings
7th best all breed cat ( out of 50 cats) Judge- Donna Maddison USA
3rd best longhair (out of 22 cats) Judge- Lindsay Wright UK

A big thankyou to the judges for Karlisa's finals and the nice comments. Karlisa behaved impeccably as always and was very relaxed and calm as always, she is such a pleasure to show, my dream cat.

Here are some pictures:


  1. Hi Clare, it was nice to see Karlisa again and young Belle who's adorable and I love her white sox. Karlisa looked great and has really matured and as always very calm and confident. Well done.

  2. Lovely to be able to show Mum and daughter. Glad they enjoyed the Show. Cat Count - yes its been high - we've had counts of over 60 in All Breed - so its tough to final!

    Well done to Karlisa - and also to Belle - hope that you have recovered Clare - its always tiring - :))

  3. Thanks guys its was hard doing two days. Karlisa is great although she was not happy on her grooming bench when she could see the male bengal, I think she was hormonal.lol
    Belle behaved wonderfully and the show was more to get here used to it whilst young as I knew you would be there Jackie with your little stunner :)

  4. Congrats Clare! Karlisa looks great and deserves her success! Belle is looking very cute too :-)