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Sunday, 27 February 2011

more scammers

Well once again I have been made aware of people stealing other breeders adverts and pictures. My friend alerted me along with another breeder to an advert placed on kittenads for siberian kittens £200. This person has again copied word for word an advert I placed recently but has used other siberian breeders pictures. This has been reported to kitten ads but they don't seem to bothered by it. I had issues also with another advert being stolen and placed on pets for homes recently but this was removed instantly by the site operators. Please be extremely careful if you are looking to buy a pedigree siberian kitten. Although reputable breeders do use these free sites as a means of directing people to their main site there are alot of bad breeders and scammers who use these sites because they have no other way to advertise their kittens. I would advise if you are looking for a pedigree from a registered breeder then go to the siberian cat club website and try and avoid these free sites. There really are alot of scammers in all breeds on them.


  1. Hi Clare.
    I am afraid I am not a member of the Siberian Cat Club.
    Does that mean that i am a bad breeder and a scammer then?

  2. Hi Maria
    ofcourse not but most registered breeders are and I feel we need a reputable site to promote those breeders otherwise it can be a minefield for people buying from these free sites from nothing more than a fake advert. Maybe you would consider joining the site?

  3. Clare - I'm no longer a member of the Siberian Cat Club - and was of course a Committee Member at one point. A Breed Club should be there for the Breed and NOT for the self-gratification of the hierarchy. Clearly there may be changes at AGM., and if and when that happen - then perhaps some more breeders may join. I cannot and will not be part of a Club which I feel does not work totally for the Breed - and therefore whilst I do understand your comments - i.e., with regard to scammers - I think its wrong to suggest that only members of the Siberian Cat Club are reputable - as for sure - that isn't the case. I don't advertise on 'free sites', I value my kittens more than that -

    IF and when the Siberian Cat Club 'get their act together' then feelings of many may change - until then - all we can do - as breeders who are united in one thing - the Siberian Cat - is to ensure that we alert one another to scammers, to questionable buyers and also - and this is important - to questionable sellers and breeders.

  4. Thankyou for your comment Lesley. I made the suggestion as a way for people looking for a cat to be able to find good registered breeders in one place. It is no way suggesting that if you are not a member you are a bad breeder but when you have had your adverts stolen and pictures, text etc maybe you would be fed up alittle. Unfortunately not everyone knows to avoid these free sites and so I am merely suggesting another option it is not good for the breed to have people passing themselves off as something they are not and misleading unsuspecting kitten owners, this has happened twice to me now and very frustrating. My main aim is to try and protect kitten buyers and educate them. Member or not Lesley the public need protecting too, maybe you should start your own club??

  5. Clare - Registered breeders are those who are Registered as having either a Prefix - with GCCF or Cattery name - with TICA. They may, or may not be a member of an appropriate Breed Club.

    Cattery names are searchable on the TICA website, and Prefixes are available on the GCCF website. It doesn't mean that someone may not have stolen them - but asking a lot of questions - generally will give a potential buyer a good idea of whether or not a breeder is reputable/honest etc.

    Having photos stolen is disgusting Clare - and if the website will not remove them - then it is even more ridiculous. I would suggest that you contact Trading Standards in an effort to see if there is anything which can be done in this case - as clearly someone is using a website to promote kittens (which they almost certainly don't have) - by using other peoples photos. That is - fundamentally wrong.

    We can all have statements on our websites regarding scammers - but people don't always read the text - sometimes its the photos which 'talk to them'.

    I think that we need to UNITE on this particular problem and NOT pull one another to pieces - and there is no reason why there can't be a list which can be circulated of known scammers - both buyer and seller - and also 'dodgy' websites.

    As for a Club. Having been a founder member of The Caledonian Long Hair Cat Club - it would be particularly simple to actually start a Club. Its unfortunate that the Siberian Cat Club - founded in 2002 - didn't work in promoting the breed quicker - as if they had - then we might have had Championship Status some 4 years ago at least. However, - hopefully it will now move forward - it can't stagnate any longer - but it has taken a long time for the 'penny to drop'. I've shown GCCF Clare - so I've done my part in the effort to go on to Intermediate status. Not everyone has.

    Perhaps it might be an idea to bring your points up on the Siberian Group which Mark Harris has - details are on his Blog - i.e., with regard to the scammers etc. There may be several people who may not see your Blog - but may in fact be part of that Group. The more people informed - the better.

    Of course - perhaps the Club themselves could pop something on the Club website - however, it would be detrimental to breeders who are not members if it were stated that ONLY breeders on their List were bona fide.

  6. I would just like say as member of the Siberian Cat Club, instead of moaning about it, join it. the club needs breeders,we all need to work together for our fantasic breed.As of today the Siberian has been granted intermediate status with the GCCF, this could not have been acheived with out the club and its members. How can the siberian move further forward in the UK if we dont all come together? wheather we show in GCCF or TICA it does not mater. Come on people, do it for our siberians they deserve it.

    As for Scammers, We all need to protect our photo's with water marks,incriptions and our prefix name to reduce the risk of photo theft.

  7. Thankyou mark, I know we are all registered in different registries but at the end of the day we are all breeders of siberians and I feel should unite and support each other and the club, it is afterall the only siberian specific club and alot of people have found me via the club. I don't know much about the politics but I am sure alot of people have worked hard to get the siberian to the next level within GCCF. I hope we can all work together too and promote the breed differences aside.

  8. Mark - I would like to say that Wayne Baxter has worked tirelessly to achieve the IP Status for the Siberian - and YES - we need to work together - but the Club - at present - don't allow 'Show Blogs' from other Registries - there is a 'split'. I think you'll find Mark that I am one of the named Breeders which was on the paperwork submitted to GCCF for progression and in fact - bar one on that list - have the oldest Registered Prefix with GCCF - 1982.

    I think you summed it up well when you said 'do it for our Siberians they deserve it'. That is the main point - its about the cats, not individuals or egos - but about the Siberian - and it is a pity that in the earlier days that wasn't taken more 'to heart'. The Club have the ability to move forwards and attain Championship status - but we need that to happen in a timely manner - and not find it drags on and on. That means that people MUST show their cats with GCCF. I have already shown mine previously, and plan to show with GCCF (we have several shows within easy travelling distance of us) once June arrives. I'm helping - lets just hope others do likewise - Its now going to be about getting those cats out on that Bench - and showing GCCF just exactly what the Siberian is about.

    As for joining the Club - I may rejoin.

    I think another point which you made Mark - and which is important - it works in Europe - but doesn't - from where I sit - seem to work here - 'how can the Siberian move further forward in the UK if we don't all come together'? Breeders work together in harmony in Europe - but it seems that here - it isn't the case. I think that by working with one another - we can make a difference - but it needs everyone to make that effort.

    I'm willing - anyone else?

  9. Lesley I think we do all need to work together more unfortunately here it seems to be more about what an individual breeder can achieve on their own with regards to show success etc. As a new breeder I have had little support from other breeders and if it had not be for Heather Sabine's kindness I would have struggled to even mate my girls this year because so many people don't want to share or even help new breeders out. I don't understand why it is sooo competitive??? as for showing GCCF well I am willing to do local shows if I have the time but right now I can't even get out to my normal tica shows!

  10. Clare - I understand your frustration - truly! I think its important that we do work for the Breed. Obviously, with my location - its more difficult, in that although I have a boy, its a long way to travel for anyone - especially with a calling female! However, we end up running the risk of boxing ourselves into a corner in terms of bloodlines - if we don't help one another. Its happened in other countries - just too much of the same thing - and then it takes time to diversify to get new blood in.

    There also seems to be a reticence from established breeders towards newcomers - which is sad - but I can also say that there is change of attitude towards me - who until recently - was only showing Siberians - but now - as a breeder - clearly I'm seen as some sort of competition. Not sure why - but its certain that we need to make efforts to help one another - and that includes notifying one another regarding scammers, dodgy buyers etc., if we can start out with that - then hopefully relationships will grow - and at some point - we may - in fact - be able to work co-operatively - and enhance this wonderful Breed.

    Hope you are taking time for yourself - and don't work too hard!

  11. Well said Lesley, It has been very hard for me not having my own boy. You know the problems I had with my mentor going of the scene due to illness and this was very sad for me and left me in abit of trouble as I knew no one else and had to start from scratch really. Ive never been involved in the pedigree cat world and so I had to learn fast. The kindness of a couple of breeders really helped me out not ownly with matings but allowing me to be able to keep my first homebred babies and develop my own lines. Now I have my own homebred stud cat thanks to Heather allowing me to keep a male for breeding but I only have him on the basis that he is closed stud and considering some breeders would not have even let me do that I am in no position to argue and will never go against an agreement. So it would seem at the moment I am in no position to help new breeders either as I am restricted myself.

    I hope that will change with my future plans for an import male and hopefully next year will be able to offer him at restricted stud to others. I would love to see more people share their lines after all each cat has something good to offer and by doing this its means improving the breed and genetic diversity which is very important. They are a healthy breed and I plan to keep them that way and don't plan to inbreed. One can only have so many males and if everyone is closed stud then it means with the no inbreeding policy I would need a new male everytime I wanted to retain a kitten for my breeding. Just not possible or practical for me or most breeders.

    I know there are some breeders willing to share their lines but unfortunately some are just to selfish and I agree in Europe breeders there just cannot understand why we are so unwilling to share lines with each other. Like I said it comes down to competitiveness. As for you being a threat well again some people don't want more competition plain and simple and if you are bringing in new lines and producing kittens of good quality then you are a threat in their eyes.

    Thanks Leslie I am having a break at the moment and trying to have a social life. Im 30 in 10 days so I am trying to make the most of what I have left of my twenties. well sort off!lol but with more baby plans it won't stay that way for long, showing is last on my list of things to do unfortunately but hopefully I can squeeze in a few shows here and there, hope to see you all soon at a show :)

  12. Clare - the only thing I'm going to say - is HAPPY BIRTHDAY - OK - its early - and I'll do it again in 10 days - but go out Clare and have some fun - as once you are 30 - then girl - its ALL downhill .................LOLOL

    Lesley x

  13. Thanks Lesley just what I needed to hear really cheered me up:) well people say I don't look it so I will have to start pretending im younger.lol x

  14. Hi Claire and Happy Birthday for the 15th!
    I was interested in your blog on scammers as we have been the victim of them too and it isn't nice. I always report the adverts as spam when I see our photos being used.
    What I wasn't expecting was for the blog on scammers to turn as it did.
    Can I just say is it fair to judge other breeders and refer to them as selfish???
    Are we one of those breeders as we are now closed stud?
    Has anyone bothered to ask us why we are Closed stud and not selling anything for breeding at the moment or are we just classed as selfish and afraid of competition!!
    We just find this all a shame and it isn't anything new, we had the same issues when we started out in 2005. We were told people were closed stud and if it wasn't for Maria who is now a great friend we would have had no-one to mate our girls too.
    We have helped new breeders start out and imported Siberians to expand the gene pool for ourselves and for those breeders.
    At the moment we aren't in a position to help anybody else due to my own ill health and this is why we haven't been showing a lot lately.
    I can't commit to helping another new breeder as I don't want to let them down and not be in a position to help due to me not feeling well. So this isn't because we want to protect our lines or we are afraid of competition it is because of our own reasons. The feeling I get from the comments on this blog though is that no-one is really interested and it is just easier to classify us as selfish breeders. Which isn't nice.
    Andy and I started breeding Siberians as a hobby and one which we want to enjoy and we tend to keep to ourselves because we don't want to be drawn into anything which causes negativity to a hobby we love to do.
    I would like to be in a position later in the summer to show at GCCF and help move the breed forward as I think it is nice for people to see and meet this wonderful breed.
    I really hope this comes over as away for us to just express ourside of the story and we shouldn't judge other breeders as we do not stand in their shoes and are in no position to comment.
    Thanks Jo and Andy

  15. Hi Jo
    Thankyou for the birthday wish and your comments. I had not realised about your health being the reason you are closed stud etc and so I can understand this. I do have to stand by what I have said in that generally there is a lack of cooperation between breeders here compared to Europe. I have certainly experienced this as have other new breeders I know starting out. I don't know every ones reasons for keeping their lines to themselves and so apologise to anyone reading this who may be in a similar position. I would like to see more cooperation between breeders and for new breeders to be welcomed with open arms so to speak. Its not easy starting out and to bring in all new blood is expensive and something most of us are not in a position to do until be have bred a little first. Finding a stud though is very hard when you are new with no contacts!