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Sunday, 26 December 2010

update on our siberians

Hello everyone, hope you all had a nice christmas. I would like to update everyone on happenings here. Had a great xmas and the cats had great fun especially the kittens who enjoyed lots of nice new toys and extra special food. One of Karlisa's babies (Bogdana) left for her new home last Sunday and I have been told she has settled well in her new home. She has found a new friend in their teenage son and is glued to him, following him around and even sleeps in his bed. I have had some lovely pictures and she is being spoilt rotten by the sounds of things. Thankyou Sue for offering a lovely home to my baby. She seems to be enjoying herself and is developing very nicely and think she will be a lovely example of the breed, I just love her colouring, she is a very nice, pale smoke with dark mask Like Balemila. Here she is with one of her christmas stockings...

Two of her sisters had their spays on Thursday, Basha and Balemila. They will be going to their new home together in the next week. This is the first time we have done early neutering here and have to say was very nervous about it but having seen how common it is in other countries (done in Australia and America alot) I decided to follow their example for the welfare of my kittens. All went perfectly with the operations and they recovered very quickly. The vet did a wonderful job with the operation and managed to hide the external stitches so nothing for them to chew on as kittens do like to chew things and it saves the need for buster collars which I dont think they would have liked much. It was an anxious time for me as I was monitoring their anaesthetics and recovery which was very strange but they had a very good anaesthetic and smooth recovery and so I am very pleased. The idea was to have them resting in a seperate room for a few days but no such luck, they got very stressed being away from the others so they are now back with the other kittens and mum. Its impossible to keep them still but despite them running around like nothing has happened there have been no post operative complications so far and they really are recovering much better than the older spays I have seen.

I also had a nice suprise just in time for xmas on Friday when my baby from Karlisa's first litter this time last year came into work for his booster injection. I was amazed to see how much he has changed in three months. I saw him at 12 months of age and he was still very much the long gangly kitten with not much coat now he has changed so much. His head is very much wider and he has a huge barrell shaped chest and nice coat now. He now weighs 6.7kg at 15 months of age and he reminds me so much of his mum in build and type. He is looking very stunning and I only wish I had kept him. I hope to have some recent pictures from the owner soon so I will post them a soon as I have them. I am very happy with how he is developing and am sure he will continue to improve. It just goes to show you really cant judge siberians on type until they are alot older than most other breeds, they change so much and really arent at their best until atleast a few years of age.

Boris who is also a black smoke from Karlisa's current litter is going through a very gangly stage at the minute at 13.5 weeks and not looking very siberian but he has gained a good amount of weight and is only 100g behind Belle now and actually weighs more than Gus did at that age so I can only hope he will develop well and be a good addition at stud here. Belle is doing well also and developing nicely, she has her heft and barrell shaped body still which she has had from birth but her muzzle is alittle long at present but again once she matures her cheeks should drop and she should be a very nice girl. Its very exciting watching them develop and change so much, I can't wait to see them at 18 months.

Ellies babies are also doing well and I hope to have more pictures of them soon. They had their first vaccines recently and will have their second injections around the 5th of Jan and will be neutered the following week as none are being retained for future breeding and so all will be pets. We still have some of these kittens available for adoption so please contact me for more information. They will be ready to go middle of Jan. So for now that is all the upto date news here, im now off to go and enjoy my boxing day lunch and relax with family, enjoy the rest of your holidays and I will post more updates in the new year.

Wish everyone a very happy new year!


  1. Nice to hear about Bogdana and to see her in her new home! Glad she has settled well.

    Gus - well he's just such a lovely friendly boy, great temperament - and yes - Siberians change SO much over the months - its difficult to be absolutely certain how they will turn out. Makes it interesting though!!

    Glad the early neutering went well, and that everyone has had a lovely Christmas.

    Best wishes,
    Lesley x

  2. thanks Leslie, I could not believe how much Gus has changed in 3 months, he really is so big now and hefty, very nice, he is the boss of the house according to the owner and even bosses a 9kg maine coon around but he is a sweety. Hard to see them go but I know they all have great homes and will make other people happy :-)