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Sunday, 7 November 2010

WARNING to all breeders!

I am posting this out of concern for all caring breeders out there. I had a recent enquiry from a lady wanting a male siberian as a pet, I thought nothing untoward until see mentioned she wanted a friend for her 7 month old female, then I thought I hope she does not want to breed from him, as she specifically wanted a male. So I asked this and mentioned he could not be bred from. She agreed this was fine but asked why not in a hypothetical sense. I told her all the usual reasons and mentioned that any pet would be neutered before re homing. I have of course heard nothing back from this lady and can only assume that she did intend on breeding from him even if it meant doing it without my consent, as any genuine pet owner would not have had a problem with this. She also has a female siberian that she has obviously bought as a pet from someone who she intends on breeding from. I don't know where this cat came from but I am sure the breeder would also be very concerned about this.

So I am really warning everyone to be on guard with regards the sale of their kittens. Contracts mean nothing these days to some and are of course very difficult to legally enforce so you really can't stop someone breeding from your pet kitten once they have gone, unless you of course neuter before sale. A friend of mine has already had two incidences this year with people not returning the neutering contract on females and breeding from them instead. One lady also obtained a male under deception and is breeding and selling her kittens, at a very reduced price, no doubt unvaccinated, unregistered, too early etc. Do we really want these type of people breeding from our cats? My friend now neuters her kittens before sale and she is very pleased with how quick the operation and recovery are and of course has complete peace of mind in knowing her kittens won't be bred from.

The only answer I can see is early neuter, its no good telling people to only buy from registered breeders as people are always looking for a bargain and will go to these people for it, thinking that's what they are getting but in fact they are probably getting a cat with a lifetime of problems from a breeder who has no clue about what he/she is doing.

I guess this has always gone on but I would say it is even worse now in the present financial climate. I see lots of people coming in my work with pets they have mated(mainly dogs), thinking they can make some money back but if done properly we all know it does not work like that. Some people buying pets are not bothered about having a registered pedigree so even withholding this till proof of neutering is not enough in my opinion. The animals they produce may have health issues, congenital /hereditary defects, behavioural problems, sold far too early so lack of socialisation, adequate weaning, development etc. It is so sad.

I looked into early neutering after my first litter last September and it was something I was thinking of doing at some point in the future. My first pet went to a client at my vets who I know had him neutered because I took the cat in for her so it was not a concern for me back then. However it is something that is of concern for my current kittens and any future ones. It does however bother me what is happening to my kittens once they leave here and although I can't control what is done when they leave, my main concern is for the welfare of my cats. I would hate for one of them to be in some back street breeding program. Don't get me wrong I am not above helping someone get started in breeding but I want them to be the right kind of person, doing it for the right reasons. I also want to be able to guide them so whatever they do with my cat is done correctly to ensure the welfare of the cat I bred and also the kittens she produces. I guess any caring breeder would feel the same. I won't be offering any kittens for breeding until I of course have my own male.

For any pet owners reading this I will highlight some reasons why responsible breeders don't want their pet cats being bred from. Firstly breeding is a big responsibility, it takes time, money and knowledge to be able to do this properly, something the average pet owner may not have. Not all cats are considered good enough to breed from for whatever reason. They may not conform to the standard well enough, have a slight defect that whilst it won't affect the health of the cat could be passed on to cause problems and it may be a defect that needs to be bred out of the line. The breeder may not want her line being open to everyone as it can cost alot of money to import new lines and breeders put alot of time and effort into choosing the right breeding cats this is why you will pay more for a breeding cat. They want to ensure that any cat sold for breeding is sold to the right people who they feel will be ethical breeders and help develop and promote the breed in a positive way. They want to ensure their cats are kept in an appropriate manor and not left to breed constantly in poor conditions. It is also a matter of ethics and welfare.

I hope pet owners reading this understand and don't feel it is a case of not trusting owners. It is very hard to judge what peoples intentions are and although there are genuine pet owners out there who have no intentions of breeding, there are also people who know how to deceive and lie to get what they want, a cheap breeding animal to make money from. We are not mind readers and so unfortunately these people spoil it for everyone.

The number of pet cats out there needing homes is astonishing and it is not fair for everyone to be letting their pet cats have litters for whatever reason. There are hundreds of cats in rescue being put to sleep every week for no other reason than simply not having a home. Some people may argue breeders don't make things any better by breeding but what I would say is, there will always be people wanting a particular breed and if one breeder does not breed then they will find it elsewhere, a responsible breeder would work hard to only breed cats to cater for the demand and always be able to offer re homing of any cat they have bred should they find themselves needing it. This will help reduce the demand on rescue centres. Whilst the pedigree cat population only accounts for about 10% of the overall pet population finding good homes is still an issue. Breeding cats should be left to the dedicated breeders who can offer a re homing service should any cat they bred find themselves homeless so as to not contribute to the already huge problem rescue centers face with re homing. The list is endless but I hope everyone can realise why breeding healthy pets should not be taken lightly and only done by people with good ethics who have the right amount of knowledge to be able to produce healthy, well socialised kittens. Of course overpopulation mainly lies with irresponsible owners who let their non pedigree (or even pedigree)cat out wheter it be intentionally or by accident and they come home pregnant. It can and does happen this is why some rescues now neuter to prevent this.

So the big question is....
what can we all do to stop back street breeding of our kittens that are sold as pets?.
Well back street breeders will always be around no matter what we do but we can go someway into making there lives more difficult by educating owners on choosing responsible breeders to purchase their kittens from, with holding pedigrees and registration until proof of neutering (although this won't stop people breeding unregistered cats), vetting new owners and only selling to people who we feel are genuine pet owners but most importantly early neutering of pet kittens. This is the only way to 100% stop people breeding from out kittens. It is already widely carried out by breeders and rescue organisations in America, new Zealand and Australia and also rescue centres here like the cats protection and RSPCA. When I did my research I found there to be no known health risks associated with it. Recovery times where alot quicker and the operation alot easier due faster healing times, less bleeding due to immature reproductive organs, higher metabolism in young animals etc. For more information on early neutering please see the link by clicking on title of this post. There is also alot of information online via rescue organisations and the FAB.

I hope breeders will take the time to look into this and also consider it as the only sure means of ensuring your pet kittens are not bred from. It will mean I will have to increase my prices slightly and that females may have to be re homed alittle later than normal but it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. I think it is a very important part of responsible breeding and if you care about what happens to your kittens after they leave your home then I am sure you would also feel happier in the knowledge that they would be pets and nothing more. It will also deter people thinking of breeding from your pets which will hopefully mean more responsible owners adopting your beautiful kittens.

Thanks for taking the time to read this important message. I hope everyone will be on the look out for people potentially wanting pets for breeding and will consider early neutering. If everyone did this we could help stop this irresponsible practice and help with the pet over population problem. If anyone wants advice on early neutering please feel free to contact me.


  1. It would be useful to share any information with other breeders via email...email addresses/phone numbers, even names can be checked against records and we can also match up to any other enquires. I personally withhold all reg papers until neuter cert recd. Unfortunately unless the cats are neutered there is no guarentee...but I discussed this with my vet and they are not happy with the anesthetic risk..so has to be a personal choice.
    Unfortunately although we try our best to home to the right people and I have to say I've been lucky so far....there are always those who take advantage!
    It has to be noted that eventually these people will realise there is no money in cat breeding...you gotta do it for the luv!!

  2. I have contacted the main breeders and some via scc site and asked them to forward, hopefully everyone should get it sooner or later. There is some anaesthetic risk as with any anaesthetic but cetain precautions can be taken, it is down to the vet I suppose. If you really wanted it done you could change vet I suppose. They just need to get used to the idea of doing the op on a smaller animal. If everyone did it then we would not have to worry about this problem. Luckily some of the vets where I work will do it but the others I think it is the thought of doing it on something so small that they have issues with more than anything. You have been very lucky so far I guess. I assume you check with their vet that they have had the kitten neutered?

  3. Hi Clare,
    As you know I'm very PRO early neutering. I understand other breeders being sceptical and will seek advice from their own vets.My vet doesn't have a problem with early neutering at all. From what I've been told there is no greater anaethetic risk than to a slightly older kitten. There is however a massive anaethetic risk to an over-bred, under-fed kitten farm female needing surgery for birthing complications.
    My personal stance having rescued a 7 year old female cat from a kitten farm in a pitiful condition is I'd rather take the risk with my own kittens and own vet than to take the word of someone I barely know to keep their promise to NOT BREED from my little treasures.
    It's the ONLY way to be 100% certain kittens sold as pets stay that way.
    This is common practice in most counties for most breeders of most breeds so why shouldn't we follow their example and safeguard our kittens' future.
    I haven't had the pleasure of having my first litter yet but I can assure you those sold as pets WILL be neutered before they leave my home for their new lives with others.
    Thanks for the warning Clare and a Record of potential Contract Breakers private or otherwise would be a great idea. Perhaps we could file it as NAME and SHAME.

  4. Hi Jackie
    Yes we have spoke about this and I know you intend on early neutering pets. It is like you say the only way and its sad people cant be trusted but I guess its the world we live in these days. I am discussing this with my vets and hopefully they will all be done before leaving me. I admit it will be alittle scary the first time but from what I have heard they recover so much quicker and I have seen it done on some animals even younger than 13 weeks and they recovered extremely quickly and probably better than the 6 month olds. People who do it currently here that I have spoke to say pet owners also appreciate it as it is less worry for them, often people put off the neutering because they worry about their kitten having an anaesthetic. If it is done by the breeder then they will have a kitten that won't need anything doing for a good year so they can just relax and enjoy their new pet. It does seem to be alien to some vets here still and I don't know why. Our vets sometimes turn pets away if they don't have adult teeth saying come back in a month when really it would be fine to do it there and then. I think they are willing to do it for me because I work there and know what is involved, wheter they would do it for other breeders I don't know. It really needs to be taken more seriously and be a routine part of a pet kittens preventative healthcare regime just like vaccination is in my opinion. If people want to breed then they should go about it in the right way and maybe they would be more respected for it. Yes I think breeders can help each other out by forwarding names of people who they feel are suspicious!

  5. Regarding what Shirley has mentioned - her Vet not being happy with the procedure of early neutering. Likewise - I have discussed this with the 3 partners of my practice - and they are not keen on the early neutering. I know that one of the Vets (not a partner) discussed this with me - and it is something which does appear to be against Practice Policy. There are 'pros and cons' - I know several breeders who do early neutering - and am aware that this seems to work well. However, personally - I wouldn't ever go against my own Vets advice nor seek to use another practice - as the service we have from our Vets is fabulous and in truth - I doubt could be bettered. In Scotland -things tend to take longer to 'be in' - but I could - I am sure - be referred to the Royal Dick in Edinburgh - who would do the procedure. I am looking into that - as I think its important to research this and do our best to ensure that our pet kittens remain just that - pet kittens.

    As for sharing imformation on potential buyers who are looking for pets - but to 'take a litter' from - I think its important that we do - and now that I think of it Clare - that name does ring a bell - I'm sure that person contacted someone earlier this year - with the same story - I'll check that and let you know!

  6. I think we must also keep everything in perspective.If you look at this from the new owner's point of view, £500 is a lot of money and also, although we will always think of them as our kittens, they are actually owned and very much loved by their new mums and dads. They are the ones who must make the final choice with advice from their vets...thats why I give up to nine months...some vets like the cat to mature before neutering as it alters the hormones which can affect growth.
    Regarding the back street breeders....I saw what happened with the Bengals..they were expensive and loads of people jumped on the bandwagon and now you cant give them away...I used to breed Malamutes but came accross the quick buck people so stopped...a mal is not a dog to be crossed with another breed and if they fall into the wrong hands, can ruin all the work done by the caring breeders.
    Perhaps we should look again at the price? When the first sibbys came to the UK the small number of breeders all got together and agreed a price of £450. This has subsequently gone up to £500 with 'inflation', but with the ever increasing number of breeders and kittens available maybe we should look at matching the main coon/norweigen forest?
    I would like to investigate not registering pet cats (this goes against some club rules..poss a change we could propose?)...then pets would be pets and have a lesser monitary value...and attraction to those who exploit?
    Just some ideas?
    S X

  7. Hi
    Thanks for the ideas not sure I agree to be honest. The research I have done shows no correlation between early neutering and stunted growth/developmentor increasedd health risks. Infact the growth plates of the long bones stay open alittle longer than they would if sex hormones came into play. I have recently found that the GCCF have an article recommending early neutering on their site with alot of helpful info. With regards price I plan on increasing to £550 to account for neutering which is normally between £60-£80 here (alot more down south) so I am paying for some of it myself and new owners are saving money from that point of view. My kits are all reg, vacc, m/c, wormed, flea tx, go with food(enough to last atleast 2 weeks), litter, bowls, toys, worming and flea tx, kitten care guide etc so I spend alot of money before they are even sold. Basically one of mine if neuetered won't need to visit the vet for atleast 12 months so surely new owners are saving money and I have peace of mind knowing they have gone with everything that they will need having been done which is less worry for the owner, how many people do that? There are breeders charging more just for a microchip! so I don't see why I should be afraid to ask for a few extra pounds when they would have to pay more than that to their vet for neutering anyway a couple of months later. As for not reg. pets well I always advise people to go to breeders who do reg as it goes some way into proving the people they are getting their cats from have reg pedigrees and are reg breeders, a back street breeder can't reg pets. I feel if they are paying for a pedigree then they should get a pedigree and reg so even though they are just pets I still feel it is an important aspect of selling pedigree cats. Atleast by early neutering I can pick and choose who I want to breed from my cats. I spoke with one of our vets today and his words where he would never refuse to do it and sees the operation and risks being no greater or different than that of a 6 month old and he is talking from experience having done his own cat at around 12 weeks. I guess it is down to how upto date/open minded vets are about these things. There are more things to consider for a vet when operating on a youngster but these can all be dealt with to help prevent any problems. I guess I have the added advantage of me being there assisting in the op and monitoring my kittens during and after surgery so I can be sure everything is done correctly. I have had a couple of replies from people waiting for kittens who have read this post and are delighted with the idea, one lady was going to ask me to do it anyway with me working in a vets, so she is more than happy,for those who aren't... well I guess they can just go elswhere for their kittens! My kittens may end up costing alittle more but they will have everything they will ever need done and new owners won't have to visit the vet hopefully until booster time so from that point of view it sounds like a bargin to me.

  8. I guess it's got to be each breeders choice. It could be something to ask new owners as an option provided they know the risks?
    I personally will not early neuter from the discussions I had with my Vet who I trust. X

  9. Yes everyone has different views but I don't think there are any adverse health problems associated with it, it is very alien to some still but having asked breeders abroad it is not such a big issue as most do it anyway. I would be reluctant to give people the choice as I would always wonder if they were going to breed and that is the whole point, no good most going through it for one to slip through the net, it is my personal choice and what I feel is better for me and my kittens in the long run.

  10. I would never neuter a female cat at a young age as I am afraid I believe that it is horrific, a dog breeder friend of mine put it in the terms of would you give your 10 year old daughter a hysterectomy to stop her having kids in later life? A male kitten neutered before six months maybe but I have seen dogs that have been speyed and neutered at a young age and they are small and are trapped in the mind set of puppies, I am afraid that it is not for me. I also think with a slow developing breed that we have not seen the full potential of to some extent it would be damaging to the breed. I think as breeders we should think carefully about who we sell cats as breeding animals too as I think people have bought cats and not had the guidance of an experienced breeder and in some cases they have gone on to sell to other novices and then the market has become flooded with kittens and then you have the idiots out trying to make a quick buck as they think it is easy money, they should have my vet bills and heartache this year they would of never started if they witnessed my upset.


  11. Thankyou for your opinion, I do feel however that a large breed dog should not be neutered early as it has been proven they can develop urinary incontinence later in life as for small dogs they mature quicker. I feel it is down to personal choice I know of alot of people who do it with cats and have no problems even in the larger breeds like maine coons. It is as far as I am concerned the only way to guarantee no breeding from pets. I have looked into this very carefully and am happy it is the right thing to do.