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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Litter C- 4 weeks now!

Again sorry for delay in pictures, I have been really busy and it does take awhile to get good shots of the babies like this. Hope you like the summer theme, I am sure they will bring alittle sunshine to your cold winter days. They are all doing well and are starting to be weaned onto kitten milk although the tabby prefers water and mums raw food, I guess he copies mum as she wont drink the milk really. They are such fun and at the age now where they are learning to play and climb. Litter training is still underway but they are getting there. The blue boy and two of the smokes are optioned so we still have two smokes available due to most of our enquiries being for female tabbies. These kittens are lovely and the smokes are such a stunning colour and with white really makes them stand out. I don't know which of the smokes are vailable yet until people come to visit them over the next couple of weeks so if there is a particular one you like then please get in touch, I will try to accommodate you. Enjoy!

Black smoke 4

Blue tabby

Black smoke 3

Black smoke 2

Black smoke 1


  1. Gorgeous lot too. Love your blue boy and the top smoke boy, he looks very cheeky! gorgeous bubbas x

    D xx

  2. Thanks I like the one with the white stripe on chin also unfortunately I have decided not to keep any so all will go as pets which is a shame but I can only keep one boy and right now Boris is the one to keep.

  3. Very cute Clare, all happy healthy little fluff balls. What more could you ask for ??

  4. thanks Jackie... they are doing well and I am happy they seem ok for now...just wish I could do a sex change and make the blue tabby female.lol
    well hopefully I will get my wish next year!

  5. Lovely to see them growing. Love the 'chatty' poses - looks like you have some cheeky babies there - and I'm sure you must be really proud of them. I love seeing them growing - and on the smokes - just keep remembering Gus x

  6. Thanks, they don't like the pictures being taken so I guess they are objecting.lol Yes if they have Gus temperament then they will make great pets. Karlisa's boy is so much like him in looks and temperament although at the moment lesss cheeky but I guess that will change. Gus owners think he is great and an angel but he does have his moments apparently and is boss of the house. I guess thats what being an only kitten does to you, oh and being spoilt rotten!