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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Karlisa's babies - 6 weeks old (litter B)

I decided to take some professional looking, individual shots yesterday. Even though I did post some pictures at the weekend I don't think they showed them off fully, they where merely to try and capture their characters. So here are the individual pics with labels so new owners know who is who. Well the babies are 6 weeks now and all doing brilliantly. I think they are all looking very cute and have great characters. Mum went through abit of a bad patch when these kittens hit 4 weeks and lost alot of weight and her coat was poor. Her appetite was reduced also and I think she was feeling very drained but she is now doing great and eating loads. Her coat is wonderful at the moment and the babies are thriving. They don't feed much on her now as they are eating mainly solids so that is giving mum a chance to gain some of her chunkiness back and also the kittens to gain weight.

The little boy has gained the most weight after Belle this week and is catching up to the others now. I think he did not get as much of a chance to feed when he was younger hence why he has ended up the smallest as he was one of the biggest at 120g at birth. He has a very laid back character and the girls will quite happily push him out the way to get to a teat and he lets them, poor little man. So now he has his own food he should continue to thrive. He is very much my favourite in character and is so friendly and laid back, in fact they all are but him even more so. Belle even though she is very pretty is alittle more aloof at times and does what she likes, I think she will be a very strong character. She has also attracted the attention of people from abroad with one lady willing to come all the way from Italy to adopt her. Unfortunately she is staying here but it is nice that people are interested internationally.

Basha is very much the mad one and throws herself around and jumps all over the others, also very friendly. Balemila and Bogdana are also quite playful but in a more civil way i.e they know when to stop. Ofcourse they all love climbing at the moment and I find them in some strange places at times. All in all I am very pleased with how they are developing and I think they will make very good pets. They will begin the second stage of their socialisation at the weekend when they leave the confines of the kitten room to go downstairs where they will spend the rest of their time here until they go to their new homes Christmas week.

Here are the pics: Litter C will be posted in the next couple of days.

Black silver mackerel tabby with white female: 820g

Black smoke female: 700g

Black smoke male: 670g

Black silver mackerel tabby female: 720g

Black smoke female: 720g


  1. They are all looking very cute Clare and the photos are great! I bet they are loads of fun right now :-)

  2. Hi Melanie,
    yes lots of fun and into all sorts of mischief, I am run off my feet. I like the pics too, really works with the black, luckily the smokes are more silver now so they dont get lost in the background so much. I will get those pics over to you when I am off in a couple of weeks, not had any time so far :-) Hope you are well.

  3. They are looking great, be lovely to see them grow. They are time robbers aren't they! Gorgeous x

  4. thankyou Denise, cant believe they are 6 weeks now, they have so much energy it is unreal, they don't stop and the mess, litter C are now starting to escape from the nest so it wont be long before they are running around too :-)

  5. Looking lovely Clare - and the Smoke boys remind me of Gus - Karlisa has done very well - and I hope she's keeping those rascals 'in line'!!

  6. Thankyou Leslie, Yes Boris does look like Gus alittle although he has more coat, the girls are getting alot lighter though. I think mum is too soft to keep them in check.lol they are little rascals and so much fun to have around!