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Monday, 22 November 2010

Ellie's baba's (lit c) 5.5 weeks

Again sorry for the delay with these pictures, its hard work getting good shots every week so I may only be doing them every other week from now on. I have still to think of names for these babies so I will try and get some for this week. At the moment I have given them numbers, they are all males in this litter and as i have posted under kittens available section only one kitten is now looking for a loving home but I wont know which one for another week or so until people have been to see them. The kitten with the least white may be optioned but I will post information as soon as possible. So there is still one baby available from this litter for one lucky person. They are ready to go to new homes middle of January. All our kittens will be neutered before re homing which means they wont leave here till 14 weeks. If you read back in a previous post you will know my reason for doing it, it does mean however a slightly higher charge than normal for our kittens but I feel it is money well spent as your kitten wont need any routine vet visit until booster time at one year of age. The extra I charge is still alot less than what you would be charged by your own vet for neutering plus I also throw in microchipping amongst all the other usual things and your kitten ( even a pet) will be registered and go with a pedigree.

Anyway back to the kittens, they are doing great and eating mainly on there own believe it or not, they mastered the litter tray within a few days and I have seen no accidents in comparison to Karlisa's babies who did have to get the hang of it, mainly Belle. ( I think she was too lazy to go to the tray) There weights are good also ranging from 670g-710g, so there really is not much difference with these kittens and they are averaging the same weights as most of Karlisa's (if you disclude Belle from that as she is an exception). So I am pleased with them and they are very cute. The black smoke colour is growing on me and I am loving the white bits especially on the face it makes them so unique and you really will be lucky to find another kitten with exactly the same markings. Mum of course has white in small amounts on her toes and chin and the silver comes from Dad so the kittens have taken from both parents for colour. You can also tell dads type coming through in some of the babies especially the blue tabby and the smoke with white chin, very round heads and great profiles. I have included a couple of mum but to warn people she hates having her picture taken so they are not very good at all but they do show of her lovely eye colour which is very blue, something you don't see often in a colourpoint siberian.


Black smoke one: (most white) Available

Black smoke two: Optioned for Thomas

Blue silver spotted tabby: optioned for Adrian

Black smoke three: (least white) reserved for Jennet

Black smoke four: Available

Ellie the mum! bluepoint with white siberian


  1. you should have kept that blue silver...he's adorable!

  2. oh dont say that.lol im gutted enough as it is!
    thanks I know and I had planned on keeping him but decided for a couple of reasons that two boys is not an option right now, especially if I have a third coming over next year. I really want a male from the pedigree in Karlisa's litter so have stuck to my guns as I like the Italian lines in Dad.

    Had the blue been a female well theres no question he would have stayed. Hopefully there will be a female very similar from one of the others next year or maybe even Ellie if I repeat the mating. He is just too gorgeous for words and being a rare spotted tabby on top of the blue and silver, hes a very special boy, but I know his new owners are over the moon as they so longed to have him and lived in hope that I would change my mind, such a shame but we can't keep them all :-) hewill have a lovely pet home and if he turns out really well I may convince owners to show him.

  3. Gorgeous babies again! lovely litter of boys! They look so sweet :)

    D x

  4. Thanks Denise they are coming along well and very sweet natured x

  5. Wow they're really coming along nicely Clare. You take great pictures too. I'm sure their new mums and dads appreciate the effort you put in to let them see their babies growing up. I know how much I look forward to seeing pics of Borenka.
    Nice to see Ellie again. It's been too long, bless her she's been such a good mum and is looking pretty pleased with herself.

  6. Thanks Jackie they are developing well...starting to get quite cheeky.lol yes I like these pics makes them look even prettier and yes the owners do look forward to it. feel bad not doing them every week but it is such work. I did both litters on same day, over 500 pics I took, all to come away with 50 pics, they dont stay still for long so alot are no good. But every other week is a compromise, better than once a month I suppose.
    Ellie is getting the weight back now and eating more, she felt abit off last week poor girl...you can tell she hates the pics, look at her ears