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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ellies babies are here

Well I had a nice surprise this evening, Ellie went into labour a day earlier than expected at 8.30p.m. She had abit of a rough time of it and seemed to be in alot of pain and very vocal. This is her first litter and I think it was all abit of a shock. I was of course there to help calm her and after her first couple of babies she seemed to calm down alittle. She was in labour for over three hours and gave birth to six kittens, all boys.

One of the kittens got stuck and his head was outside for a while before his body followed. She seemed to stop pushing so I had to try and encourage her to finish and help the kitten out. He had stopped breathing so I had to resuscitate him but he soon took a breath after that. He would not nurse and was quite weak and being pushed out of the way so I took him into Karlisa whilst her babies where asleep to let him nurse and he took to her fine. He had a good feed on her and then came back to Ellie and also had a second really long feed so it seems that first meal gave him the strength to continue feeding. Thank god for another nursing mum.

It has sure been hard work and not as straight forward as Karlisa's litter. The babies are all fairly good weights ranging from 100g-110g but they just look so much smaller than previous kittens I have had. I guess Karlisa just has big, chunky babies. I think we have a mix of solid blue, black, black smokes again with and without white and a possible blue tabby (not sure of markings yet possibly classic or spotted). I should be able to tell exact colours in a week or so. All babies are nursing for now but I will have to keep a close eye on this litter and make sure Ellie is a good mum, so far she has not moved from the nest and its been about 9 hours since the birth. Poor girl!

This will be our last litter this year, but we hope to have more babies from Xena early next year and who knows maybe Mia if she decides to play ball.

Here are a couple of pics just after birth:


  1. well done Ellie...and vocal like her mum! Aria always has small babies...but those of you who have seen Elijah will know they dont stay small for long!!
    Well done with the struggler Clare...and looking frward to seeing them grow
    nana ShirleyX

  2. Hi Shirley, to be honest they are not that small when you look at their weights, the boning is finer but I think I am just so used to looking at big babies I forgot how small new borns are. She is doing really well and just lays there for them to feed. I think it was a big shock for her and me she is normally such a quiet girl :-)
    Wll not surprising really after having six and all boys can you believe it, is this a trend with her line? Suprised to see yet more black smokes, that atleast one in al my litters so far. I love the blue silver tabby boy, his colour is son striking and the marking :-) Cant decide what pattern, I think mackerel but then there is a spotted area in centre so classic? will have to waitand see when he gets bigger. I try and get some pics for you see what you think?

  3. Congrats Clare and well done Ellie! What a great sized first litter! It sounds like it was a bit of a shock for her but she looks very content with her new babies now :-) I'm sure she'll be a great mum :-)

  4. Thanks Melanie, yes she was very shocked and I have never heard screaming like it, poor girl she did settle towards the end and has been in the nest pretty much the whole time only leaving to quickly feed and go the toilet so she is being very relaxed now. The boy that was stuck is feeding well, infact they all seem to be so hopefully all will go well. 11 kittens here now can't believe it. She was so brave considering it was her first litter!

  5. the sex of the kittens comes from Dad...so need to ask Heather that one. Aria makes the same noise when birthing...frightens me to death, but never had any problems so far.....are you keeping any?

  6. I was going to keep a girl but none to keep im keeping Karlisa's boy so dont want anymore, especially if I import one aswell wont have the room. I lost the blue boy last night he was fine and then suddenly breathing problems, dont know what happened the other seem ok but some are feeding better than others, their breathing is fine at the moment, very shocked and upset.